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Wanna to Know Why Bro. Pouliot Left The Adventists Beliefs?

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Either you have discovered this site page on your own or were given this site link address for a purpose. To discovered why Bro. Pouliot (Philip Pouliot) left Adventists long ago. This document article topic name had been edited over time since 2012. The topic name had also changed over time as well. The topic name once partly named along with “27th Fundamental Beliefs”. Today, this documented article is much better in writing. To allow the reader to understand his English writing level.

In this documented article, Bro. Pouliot wants to partly explain and remind everyone why we should be careful with any denomination organization church (or congregation) we may visit or join in their so-called fundamental beliefs. In another word, he is warning you for falling in the so-called religious cult. Such as Adventism,

Catholicism, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, Muslim, and some other denomination. Because one day, he realized that none of these so-called religious denomination or organization's fundamental beliefs they follow and/or practice according to the bible they say are not 100% and aren’t the true Natsarene people. Most of them do not even know what is the Natsarim, which partly explain why they aren’t the true follower of YAHUAH.

So, here in this article Bro. Pouliot will explain one example of why he left Seventh Day Adventist and why he believes they are NOT the true Sabbath keeper at all. SDA is part of his beginning testimony journey where he had turned his life around from the dark world to the light. Before he was invited to the SDA church in 2006.

There was a man who Bro. Pouliot had met was name Michael Peloquin, the one who invited him to the SDA. It all started because of how he learned that this SDA church worship on Saturday instead of Sunday as Mr. Peloquin explained to him that. He was very curious about this church because, in that same year, he discovered the shocking truth about the Sabbath law. He learned that the true follower of YAH’s people worship on Saturday, not on Sunday as Catholicism people do. After he did a lot of Biblical and historical research. Found out that people in the past change the Sabbath appointed day for worshiping from Saturday to Sunday as a new Sabbath day. More detail will explain how he discovered that later in this documented article. 

Now, you as the reader may be wondering why Bro. Pouliot left SDA. You will see the number of reasons why. First, you will know who is the one who is the founder’s leader of the SDA. Who became the role model of the Seventh Day Adventist? You then will discover SDA carry their doctrine called “28th Fundamental Beliefs”. The role model of the SDA name is Ellen G. White. There are among other leaders such as James Springer White, Ellen's husband, a retired sea captain Joseph Bates and John Nevins Andrews in the mid-19th century. They all follow Ellen G. White's beliefs after William Miller's movement.

Before Bro. Pouliot was baptized by the SDA, he was instructed whether he agrees with the Adventists’ 27th fundamental beliefs after studying in the Bible school. To understand and agree to it before he confesses his faith in believing with these fundamental beliefs list. Along with the name of Jesus Christ's name. To testify of his death to sin and have a new life. He did confess that (while he did not realize what he was getting into) and was baptized in a lake. Over a year later, he started having suspicion about SDA’s doctrine and so for Ellen G. White. Because of how often the Adventists have been focusing on her words more often than the Bible teaching. Plus, he noticed some of the teachings they were preaching about were not quite true. He starting to think that Ellen may be a false prophet. So, one day he decided to do a heavy investigation about her. To test her whether she is a false prophet or not.

After examining more about the Adventist's beliefs, along with Ellen G. White's books which she had written many books. She claimed she had communicated with Jesus, the Messiah. It turned out that she is a false prophet. This is where Bro. Pouliot will explain why she failed the test. After first reviewing the 27th Adventist's fundamental beliefs back in 2009, Bro. Pouliot realized he made a huge mistake to agrees with the 27th Adventist's fundamental beliefs. After he discovered that Ellen G. White has failed to be a prophet. Meaning, Adventists turn out to be a cult. The same for William Miller's movement, because Ellen fell to believe in Miller’s beliefs before she became the so-called prophet.

Base on Gift of Prophecy Fundamental Beliefs # 18, Adventists believe Ellen G. White is their true prophet from “God” who made heaven and earth. They also believe they are the identifying mark of the remnant “God” people. Adventists had marked this so-called from two passage scripture. One is in the book of Joel chapter two, verses 28, 29 and the other one is in the book of Acts chapter two verses 14 and 21. They believe that Ellen G. White had this so-called gift of prophecy, which was manifested in her life and work under Almighty “God’s” message. As their identifying mark of the remnant “God's” church. They claimed by her visions, writings, and her experience miracles act which came from “God” power.

Let start about William Miller's movement first, when Ellen was there as a young woman. When Miller made his first two announcements, he failed his first about the Savior return. Miller's announcement was based on the 2300-day prophecy, which he claimed to believe this 2300-day prophecy leads us to know when the end of the day will happen. When Jesus will return to earth in 1843. After the first failure, he again does the bible research to see if he miscount, etc… Miller figures out, it not 1843 but 1844. Thousands and thousands of people have gathered with Miller to witness to see if Jesus will return that day, turn out no show. His failure had cause thousands and thousands of people to wait and waste their money for nothing. This is partly the first step to test why Ellen failed because Miller failed.

Few of Miller supporters and Ellen decided recalculated and did the research the 2300-day prophecy book again. They believe Miller's announcement did not fail but of how he misunderstands the 2300-day prophecy. They explained that Miller though and felt that he had discovered the key verse for the Messiah return to the sanctuary earth base on the book of Daniel chapters 8 and 9 with great earnestness at the time he discovered.

They also made a claimed excuses based on how Ellen's vision clears up a better understanding of the 2300-day prophecy. They claimed God had revealed her the correct information about the 2300-Day prophesy. It was essential that there were two parties’ sanctuaries in heaven, not the earth. They believed that Jesus had entered the holiest place for the first time in 1844, to fulfill the high-priestly type of "the cleansing of the sanctuary" (which they point out this in Lev. 16).

This whole idea about the 2300-Day prophesy they proclaimed is a lot troubling Bro. Pouliot could not agree on. Here why, Bro. Pouliot believes the savior had entered the Most Holy sanctuary on the day he was raised in heaven. The day he was left up into the cloud, on the same day he promises his people that he will return on the last day. This is the first prophecy test, Bro. Pouliot exam her and she failed the test. Since Miller had ruined thousands of people live, Ellen is one of them who get into the mess to continue it.

There is a claim about Ellen's vision about San Francisco and Oakland will become like Sodom and Gomorrah. She said that “the Lord would visit them, and they would suffer under God's judgments” according to September 1, 1902; Life Sketches of Ellen G. White: being a narrative of her experience to 1881 Page 412. What she said about San Francisco and Oakland in her vision never happened. San Francisco did get hit by the quake at the most, but Oakland was not seriously bad at all. The population in San Francisco were not destroyed. This is nothing like how all people died and/or destroyed in Sodom and Gomorrah. You can see why Ellen failed her prophecy.

Here another false evidence Ellen claimed about the Revelation great earthquake which mentioned in chapter six; verse 12. She claimed that this great earthquake already had happened back in the year 1755. She said that year “… was the most terrible earthquake that has ever been recorded..." according to The Great Controversy, page 304. Bro. Pouliot checks and sees the data history whether that was true or not. It turned out it was not. Because the most terrible earthquake actual recorded was 200 years before 1755. The cities of Shansi in China in 1556 of January 23 was the most terrible earthquake than the one in Lisbon in 1755. The records show the number of deaths was at 830,000 and the quake was about 8 magnitudes or more. The November 1st of 1755 in Lisbon was only 70,000 deaths. So, Ellen claimed about this great quake apply to the revelation book is not true at all.

Here is another problem she claimed about this great earthquake in the Revelation book, this book mentioned the sign of the time of the darkening sun and how the moon will change also (in chapter six; verses 12). These signs in the sky event will occur on the very last day. How can this be on the day which Ellen’s day she claimed already happened a hundred years after 1755 quake in Lisbon? For us, it well over 250 years? Again, this Revelation chapter six; verse 12 applies about the very future end time, the last day when the Messiah return and that is another test she had failed.

One thing that Ellen wrote in her Early Writings book page 64, she explained about the Mark of the Beast which subjects back in 1850 of June 27. She warned people during her time saying "Get ready, get ready, get ready. Ye will have to die a greater depth to the world than ye have ever yet died….now the time is almost finished...and what we have been years learning, they will have to learn in a few months". This was about well over 150 years ago she claimed that warning? All the people which Ellen had warned to are all in their great age sleeping in the grave and the Messiah hasn't yet returned? Her message was nonsense end time she claimed would happen only a few months? She failed this one as well!

One of Ellen’s testimony found in the book called Ellen G. White Critics, wrote by Francis D. Nichol chapter seven (The Astronomy Vision). This one is an odd testimony. What Francis had claimed in writings about her strange testimonies she visions of an inhabitant tall majestic people. They were unlike the earthly inhabitant people who live on Jupiter and/or Saturn where sin has never entered there. Bro. Pouliot already knew Francis D. Nichol made up this vision against her or not. If Ellen knows about this claimed he wrote or maybe she told him to write about that, she already considers failed the test as well. The troubling about this is that the Adventist members would easily believe in her vision like what Francis D. Nichol’s claimed.

Another odd testimony about Ellen's miracles event when she was young. Adventists had also claimed that Ellen had held this BIG family Bible which was the size eighteen by eleven inches, four inches in thickness, and weighs a little well over eighteen pounds. While she was having the vision, on her left arm, this Bible was lying open, and held it out at right angles with her body; and then for over half an hour, with her right hand, turned from to place, and pointed to different texts of Scripture, which she repeated while her eyes were looking upward, and in an opposite direction from the book. This information can be found in the book The Great Second Advent Movement, pages 236 and 237. This one sounds such showoff and a huge trick of people's mind believing her miracle act that was unlike anything in the Bible for anyone has ever done something like that. No past prophets have ever done something like that.

Both of these odd testimonies people have claimed about her all sound too good to be true. This is why Bro. Pouliot had to check these facts. This is why YahuSha (the true name of the Messiah) warned us that; “False Messiah and false prophets will arise and show signs and wonders, to lead astray, if possible, the elect...” (Book of Mark chapter 13; verse 22). She said about this same thing but why is she doing these evil acts?


In the Advent Review and Sabbath Herald; 1905 May of 25th, Bro. Pouliot learned about what Ellen had said to the people back in the day. She warned people not to fallen in other doctrines but only the Adventist teaching. She claimed that they will be led more astray from the false teaching of man. The problem here, people who joined or already a member are being led astray from her false teaching. The most troubling is this, why hadn’t she ever mentioned to test anyone and to her who claimed to be a prophet, teacher, or pastor. To see whether they or she is speaking of the truth. Are they or she speak full working spirits from heaven or the devil? Bro. Pouliot learned that the Messiah had taught us in the Bible how to test a prophet or teacher and see if they are speaking of the truth. And this is where and why he believes she had failed many times and still warning people to follow up with the Adventist teaching only.

Now, the whole point here why he knew Ellen couldn't be a prophet before he decides to do the homework about her. According to the book of Galatians chapter one; verses 1-12 and Revelation chapter 22; verses 16 - 20, these passages give us evidence why there is no other book, or a new prophecy message deliver to us today. Scriptures had warned us not to add or delete any of the prophecies in the scriptural books. Ellen has many books about her claim and why is she in vain breaking this command?

Notice how apostle John, the last prophet; foretell us about the last Revelation prophecy, he explained to us that if any person did add the prophecy of this book, which we already have. That a person would end up dealing with the plagues. Guess what, it appears that Ellen in history had a really bad health problem and even some of her family members as well. There was a record of the history of illness they all were very sick many times. She had been suffering many health problems and how she ends up dying. If we compare Ellen White with any Bible’s prophets or apostle's health condition, we would notice the difference. YAHUAH, the true name of the heavenly Father dwells in people who follow HIM. HE had chosen them not to suffer any plagues as she had.

There was one subject based on how the Adventist teaches before Bro. Pouliot left Adventist. He remembers how Adventists had been teaching people that Jesus was the Archangel Michael. He decides to do the deep homework about that part as well. It turned out that they were incorrect about the Archangel Michael. Based on the prophet Daniel's vision that identifies this person who was dressed in linen, with a belt of the finest gold around his waist and his body was like chrysolite, etc… (Daniel 10:5-6) is not the archangel Michael (Daniel 10:13) but other angels. He understood why this Archangel Michael who Daniel saw came to help the angel who was talking to Daniel about the future. The first angel was sent to him and then another appeared came to help this angel. Because this angel who was speaking to Daniel had been detained there with the kings of Persia. Most people do not realize the one who was speaking to Daniel was not the Archangel Michael and why the Messiah cannot be Michael. Number one reason is, in Isaiah 9:6, claimed that the Messiah is being called “mighty ONE.” And a few verses later, speaking about Jehovah in some version Bible, Isaiah says, “A remnant will return, the remnant of Jacob, to the mighty ONE” (Isa. 10:21). Since both this Messiah and Jehovah are called mighty ONE, how can this Messiah be Archangel Michael if HE is Jehovah? In Hebrews 1-3, the author sets out to demonstrate that this Messiah is superior to the prophets, angels, and Moses. We’re told that HE is the ultimate revelation of Almighty ONE (1:1-2), the Creator of the world (1:2), and the exact imprint of YHUH’s nature (1:3).

Therefore, we have to read carefully see what the book of Daniel chapter ten said. Many of us did not notice this clearly; who came to respond Daniel in vision (verse 5-6) before verse 13 tells us about Michael “one of the chief princes” who came to help him? Because this Michael is not the only one who is the chief prince. He was one of the groups who were also the chief princes.

Last additional reason why Bro. Pouliot has decided to leave SDA’s church, a year before he was baptized. There was already a new statement belief (number 11) added to the 27th Fundamental Beliefs (2005) that was not update and given to him at that time. Number 11 was based on GROWING IN CHRIST, which explains about the Salvation transforms in our world. How it states that we no longer need to fear our pasts or future but embrace the present full of hope, love, passion, and praise as the Spirit lives in us, etc... This is telling us that we are set free from the burden of our past deeds. That we are no longer needed to do whatever we live through the darkness, fear of evil powers, ignorance, and meaninglessness of our former way of life, etc... The problem with this kind of statement, Adventists practice their own beliefs which Bro. Pouliot has already seen how dark Adventist have fallen into the trick, to fool people to believe in what the minister or leader have said or taught them. Like they are save in the Adventist church but still do not grow in the knowledge clearly to see who is the Messiah truly.

The most troubling is, Bro. Pouliot did question some of the Adventism about Christmas Easter or Thanksgiving holiday as why are they practicing those pagan holidays while they already know that these are the pagan holiday? Most of all, in a later time after he left Adventist, he had discovered to learned that Adventist does NOT keep the Sabbath 7th day wholly. Because they practice Sabbath from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset as he once did practice this too. He found out the truth about the Sabbath appoint timing actual start from dawn of Saturday morning to the end before the next dawn morning of Sunday. Opposite to the sunset to sunset idea.  

This means Adventist is not the true seed remnant of YHUH’s people who kept the Shabbat (Sabbath) correctly. Since Adventists claimed they are the identifying seal of YHUH's people (Church) who follow and kept all the commandments laws which including the Shabbat based on Revelation 12:17, Genesis 17:9, Exodus 31:12-17 & Ezekiel 20:12-20. This including the appointed time Biblical holiday such as Passover, Festival of Unleavened Bread, Day of Trumpets, or the Festival of Tabernacles. Since they do not follow, practice, and/or celebrate these appointed holidays as well. So, how can Adventist not practice these things if YHUH does expect them to follow ALL commandments law? This mean Adventist have failed their test, that they are not the true follower of YAH’s people. 

The bottom line here, we should always recheck ourselves with the Bible to see whether a person or group of believers speak of the truth are true or not according to 2nd Timothy 3:16-17).

“All Scripture is YAH-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the man of YAH may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”



Not only the Bible to recheck for the truth, but we also need to check in any history books to find the evidence and proof. This is where and how Bro. Pouliot has done his heavy homework about Ellen and the Adventist’s beliefs. To ensure anyone whoever speaks of or preach about the Bible are telling the truth or not. Instead of relying on what man alone said or teach us to accept it. Now you know why Bro. Pouliot had left Adventist back in 2009 after he had experience with them for almost 3 years. 

Now you can exam Bro. Pouliot and see if he speak of the truth here, before you say AMEN!