September 2018

Why YAHUAH had chosen

woman to lead?

The answer to the above topic question is, there were no available worthy fruitful men to serve YAH's people. This document will explain how and why I, Bro. Pouliot believe it's true. There should be NO mistaken in this easy lesson I am to share with you what I've learned. Why women were once leading YAH's people and why women are NOT mainly the head of the household leadership of YAH's people. We should not get ourselves confuse over this by how or what Bible teachers or ministers teaches us about the woman and man role of serving YAH. Another word, we should not fully trust in men teachings instead of allowing the scriptural books do the teaching. If we get Biblical teaching by man alone, whether it's a pastor, minister, deacon, priests or anyone, we will end up in trouble getting the whole and clear truth.


The next question here, why do we think YahuSha, the Son of YAH had selected only 12 men to serve as the apostles, yet no women? After YahuSha went up to heaven, apostles continued selecting only men the same way YahuSha had taught them. To serve as elders, leaders, pastors or deacon of the assemblies or synagogues (people or nation). But today people in our modern day done very differently as how YahuSha or apostles have done? People today now selected women to do the ministry or serve as the head of the synagogues or church. Most people I know have their own beliefs about women right as men do to serve YAH. Just as how many of us now allowing women to be the leaders of the nation. Changes always happened in the civilizations social world. Nothing new about that under the sun for many generation. There always a battle between side of different beliefs. Which always bring in a wars. How people rule their lands in their own way apart from what other nation believe in.


Man had rule the world for year as king, while their wife is an assistant queen. Today, number of people around the world don't live as king or queen. Most don't see or believe this way anymore. How mankind rule the world other than the animals. We are label in species as humans because we are mankind. People in ancient day once knew man are always the head of the house hold, because man appear on earth first. Adam the first form of creation human, the first mankind before woman appear. The society between man and female have somehow changed overtime. Most people today believe male and female are made equal as human. In the 21 century, we are seeing both sex race working as what man or woman do in their daily life duty. We now are seeing more woman around the world as the leader or in power of there nation. Right now (2018), there are 13 nations around the world who have their female in power. Here are a list of example as female President in their nation.


  •  Cristina Fernández de Kirchner who is the President of Argentina

  • Dilma Rousseff who is the President of Brazil

  • Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who is the President of Liberia

  • Tarja Halonen who is the President of Finland

  • Dalia Grybauskaite who is the President of Lithuania 



In Untied State America history, we have not yet had our first female president elected. However, past few time, we did had female running for president. The last time was Hillary Clinton who ran for president twice, in 2008 and 2016. She lost both election. She is the husband of William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton who is the former president of U.S. from 1993 to 2001. Will the United State of America some day have a female President? Yes, I believe so because most people today are allowing female to run for President. Not long ago, female were not giving that opportunity. Woman once were put down under the head of man role of leadership for year. That time, most man do not support the ideas of woman taking step ahead of man way. So, what change that? How did man now allowing woman taken that opportunity? How did women get their civil right duty as man role of position?


FYI, woman leadership power is nothing new in our modern day world. Woman once civilizations rule the world instead of man back in the very old ancient day. In those day, people may not realize people once were force to worshiped their Great Mother of God. A mother in the ancient day were strongly example of or represents as the mother goddess who give birth a child. It all started by personification as motherhood and fertility which bring in all the creation earth's nature they once believe mother is responsible and the reason of giving birth to everything. This is why and where we got these two words “Mother Nature” for all kind of natural disasters we get for year. Because we carry on these words we once believe the goddess of SHE had created the world. There are still some people today believe in their so-called mother nature spiritual life. They are a groups of people who fall under the earth religion idea, such as paganism whom are called as PANTHEISM. Nature based beliefs in religion; animism, which is the worldview that all living entities (plants, animals, and humans) possess in this so-called spiritual life of mother goddess. People today some how starting to lead blindly toward this false goddess way of life.


According to historical facts, the oldest civilization people disappear more than once because there were wars against the paganism who worshiped false god. This including the so-called mother of goddess beliefs. From Great Mother God to witch hunts, men once got fed up and blamed on themselves for allowing women taken over and rule the world. Because they have seen how women had screwed the nation and how they dislike how they treated and being disrespectful to men. Dislike how women behave mighty over man which physically aren't. There were ancient tribes of people who follow and believe in YAHUAH teaching during the old testament day. They were order to destroy all kind of paganism people who have different beliefs of goddess. Yah's tribes of people were taught and believe that men are head of their wives. They believe YAH is a HE who created everything instead of a she. This is where I will explained why woman in those day were force down many time in the past.


The question so far, isn't all this a great concern and a issues for us to discuss about? I, Bro. Pouliot say yes. It is a BIG issues we the people need to discuss about it. First of all, I must first clarify something here before reader read this document judge about me in a negative way. Whether you are a woman or man, I must clear something here about what I believe and respect. I am not a sexism or discrimination person about woman. I respect woman in their human being who have every right to make their own decision and I do treat woman as another human being as we respect in man as well. Both, man and woman have every right to make their own decision as well. So, what I am about to tell you why am I turning against woman, it's base on their wrong choice of decision. While every woman do have every right to make a decision on their own, some of their decision making would not approve me of their choice. The same way how YAH allow us to have every right to make a choice in our life but HE dose expect us making the right choice. Not only woman whom I reject their way of making the choice, man who support their way or doing I also not approve as well. Who are making the wrong decision doing that are array from YAH's laws.


Somewhere in history, this famous quote “male and female are made equal as human” had changed the way people live and think today. I've the reason to believe this famous quote were taken from "All men are created equal" by Thomas Jefferson who first used this phrase in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, which he penned 1776 during the beginning of the American Revolution. Many people throughout time misunderstood these message over time. It may have started back in the mid 19th century, when one woman name Elizabeth Cady Stanton started all the civil rights activist. She helped organize the world's first woman’s rights convention in 1848, and formed the National Woman’s Loyal League with Susan B. Anthony in 1863. The second-wave of feminism rebellion against man happened in the 1970, five year before I was born. Many things have changed along with this history a long with many other civil right action.


Let start pointing out about this quote. There is a flaw in this statement quote “male and female are made equal as human”.This kind of statement is an actual terrible and dangerous message for people to say or putting that information in our mind. This quote people are saying does not make any psychology logical sense at all and I will tell you why. More and more people are getting more blindly to see why male and female are NOT made equal at all. I have the reason to believe what Thomas Jefferson said “All men are created equal” does not mean all on earth male and female are made equal. He never thought about having female to have equal right to vote as man do in that Declaration statement. I believe many people still today misunderstand a lot about what the Declaration Mr. Jefferson wrote really mean “all men are created equal” to vote. He was speaking of 1776 was the white men with property can vote. Free black men can vote in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut in those day. Before Jefferson’s death, he had owned hundreds of slaves. The only slaves given their freedom in the former president’s WILL was the two of the sons of Sally Hemmings, Jefferson’s black slave mistress. Until 1789, when the Constitution was ratified and the United States democracy experiment began, “all men are created equal” later played out this way of saying…. 1789 – Establishment of US democracy. White men with property can vote. Poor people, Women, Native Americans, and enslaved African- Americans cannot vote. In real terms, when it was written, the Declaration’s “all men are created equal….and are endowed with certain unalienable rights”…..actually only applied to the white males civil right in America.


The point of all this here is not to disparage the Founders for their white male supremacy thinking in the 18th century…..but instead, to illustrate how democracy and freedom in America have been an ongoing work in progress changed over time for the last 230 years. Yes, it was 1776 when Jefferson and his boys declared independence from the British with lofty not a strange clear words about the equality of all men….yet it wasn’t until one hundred years later in 1870 that the 15th amendment passed and black Americans were finally acknowledged as “equal” enough with whites to be permitted to vote.


Within 150 years after the inspiring, yet the message still continue to misleading people the clear understanding truth, by how the words of the Declaration were written which at first did not say women were granted the right to vote until…. 1920 – Prior to 1920, some parts of the country let women vote. How this interrupt and mess up the message into women can vote, depends on the area where they are in. Some can vote only in school elections. Women in the Wyoming and Utah territory and Colorado have full voting rights. It isn’t until 1920 that all women have the right to vote. This is where the 19th & 20th century have changed the way woman role in serving to part themselves in the civil right equal as man. People are changing the perceptions way in human.


So, what is the major problem here, can woman have the right to vote even if the Declaration message did not exist? Can woman serve in duty as equal as man do? Can woman have the right to empower their own independence way of life? Sometime the answer here can be a yes and no. It depend on the situation with the husband or their Father who she not marry yet. First of all, we need to understand why male and female are made different in human. We can NOT simply ignore but to recognize what the Bible said and how the psychical of male and female different one another. We know that technically most male are larger physical body mass than female. That the first huge differences to recognize why female are not made physical size as male. The second recognition is the difference in their organs, the private part as well. Third recognition are how male and female mental and physical function in their daily day work aren't the same way. These are the first few number of reason why male and female are NOT MADE or CREATED EQUALS. The question here is, why do we called human concerning as mankind and not womankind? Second, why did YahuSha selected only men to serve as His apostles? According to many historical and biblical facts and reason, man always seem to be a head as king of the house hold, while the woman as assistant queen.


Let first see why we had women leadership YAH's people in the past. There were a woman name Deborah who became a judgeth for the Israel according to Judges chapter 4. Please read and study carefully. After reading it, the question again.... why did YAH chosen woman to lead his people? The answer again is because YAH had found no man worthy enough to serve YAH's people. Another example in chapter 13 of Judges, why did YAH delivered Manoah's wife, the great news? A news about she will deliver a son who will save Israel in the future. He will lead the hands of the Philistines out. Before she learned about this good news, she was unable to give birth a child. So the question here, why not deliver the message to Manoah instead of his wife? It is because there were no available entrust men to serve under YAH but her. He was one of the Israelis man who have rebelled against YAH. While YAH is on Judah side who well follow YAH.


Now the question here, if man are found as the head of the household to serve YAH, dose that mean woman are out of serving YAH or kept total silent about YAH's words to the people? The answer is NO. However, there are certain place and time where woman are kept silent while man have the priorities duty to preach, discuss and work in the synagogues or the gathering assemblies to govern the people. According to first Corinthians 14:34-35, most people who read this passage verse do not fully understand or just plain ignore (nor hate it). Women are require to be silent in the assemblies (church), where she are not allow to out aloud to speak their word nor teach in the congregation - 1st Timothy 2:12.


You may have learned the story about a woman name Priscilla and her husband who met a certain Jew man named Apollos who had instructed people in the synagogue. He was preaching about the baptism of John. After Aquila and his wife Priscilla heard his preaching, they decide to meet him and head out to expounded him clear about the baptism way of YAH more perfectly. Dose this mean Priscilla spoke to Apollos like she trying to be a teacher to correct him the right way about baptism of John story? NO, she was with her husband discussing about it.


There is a story about this 84 year old woman name Anna in Luke chapter 2, who she consider a prophetess who YAH have spoke to her? She seem to be alone without a husband who she was marry to for seven years. What giving right did she have to speak the words of YAH to the people? It's because she was in her great age who is more like their mother who mothering their children. To respect her as their mother too. To learned about her life time and understanding about YAH etc... Most of all, noticed this, she did not do all this in the synagogues.


So the question here, are man and woman created equal and have the same ability? If you say yes, than why MOST female can't have the same mental and physical function as male do? This is where and how most people have been ignoring this and even a scientist can not simply give us the correct answer to this understanding. While there are other scientist who truly do understand because they deal with the Scriptural books (Bible). They are the true observant who can get the answer correct. According to the Scriptural books (Bible) of Genesis, female came second in a form of human from man's rib.


In the beginning book of Genesis, it tell us about how first human were form to created by this dirt. Until one day, the Creator ONE see that it was not good for this one human being being alone. He decide to created another kind of human being. He put this created being into deep sleep and open up to take part of the rib to created another human being as woman. The first created human being is called man as mankind and his helper is a woman as co helper according to Genesis 2:18. The bottom line here is that we must understand clearly, why woman were not created the same as man and what is the serving role position for woman apart from man? Throughout the scriptural books, there are number of passage verses pointing out why woman are husband helper and how different duty role do they have apart one another.


We need to understand why man were created first before woman on earth. Why women are under the subject of man authority. Why woman should not step ahead of man role in serving and why woman are responsible for the mess up she cause like how the first man Adam's wife ate the forbidden fruit. At the same time, we also must understand how and why the devil are trying to change the way man and woman serve under YAH's eye. The GREAT Satan eye have been tricking and brainwashed people mind about the human right for year. Just as how Satan had tricked Adam's wife to eat that forbidden fruit tree of knowledge of good and evil in the first place. Please read another document article called “WHY ARE WOMEN SERVANT IN THE CONGREGATION (assembly place or Church) MUST BE SILENT?” at where this document article explain number of rule for man and woman role of serving YAH. After that, come back here and continue reading.


So, how did all this troubling between man and wife started? How did woman end up empower over man? Again, remember how the Genesis book first tell us about how Adam's wife who first ate the forbidden fruit also made her husband eaten the forbidden fruit as well. They both end up became naked shame. They end up both blamed someone else instead admit themselves their wrongdoing. Now let read what the Revelation book in chapter 18, verses 1 to 3 tell us there? How does this passage book tell us about a women still betrayed man's eyes? It's how woman had made men lust over her exposing nakedness. How did this cause men to worship women. It's the same how Adam got in trouble with his wife temped. Whether a woman show off her nakedness or not, more and more women are exposing their behavior in a negative way to get the male attention and now to the woman as well. How woman change the way they believe and behave have change the way they dress up. More and more becoming more exposing of their nakedness. How woman fashion clothes are getting more tight or clear as peekaboo clothing. Wearing improper dress code had been leading them into adultery. Not only how woman wear it peekaboo clothing improperly, they also wear the guys clothes and have short hair like man. How this cause a confusing to man to identity their sex. Not know all this is forbidden under YAH's eye.


Let talk a little more about what are acceptable or unacceptable in woman dress code and how she should not look? Let read First Timothy 2:9-10, this passage Paul explained to Timothy about a “…women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel (since birth), with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.” Peter explained the same matter in 1 Peter 3:3. Braids, jewelry and showy clothing were the pattern of the pagan worldly way. YahuSha had already defied the male-dominated culture by treating women fair and respect, and Paul declared all believers to do that in YAH’s family (Galatians 3:26-29); but perhaps great number of women somehow have taken liberty too far. Somehow woman have adopted immodest in styles and focused too much on sexual fashion in their character towards man and now even to woman. This is what had broken the law by allow man to lust over them. While standards of clothing have changed through the centuries have gain violated that nature law to properly cover their nakedness. Scriptural books point out about natural distinctions between the sexes (Genesis 1:27) and warns against how they cross-dressing (Deuteronomy 22:5)—man wearing woman’s clothing and women wearing man’s clothing. Today we see a lot of that cross-dressing by men and women. Most women now wear pants of slacks or jeans or a short. In the ancient day people once wore a tunic and robe, clutched together with a sash. Men did not wear trousers, and women did not adorn themselves with skirts and blouses. While it undoubtedly true that YAH wants men and women garments apparent properly.


Generations long ago, wife once did not wear pants or do such things as what man do for the living. Since it is not the wife priority duty to do what man do, unless she working with the husband. Woman once understand the right ruling and understood why male and female have a difference physical and duty. Because of the way YAHUAH had made us and taught us the way of life along ago. But now, many woman and man no longer remember these right ruling of the law to serve HIM. People have been teaching the young people the worldly way of life apart from YAH's way. We must clearly see why woman are not created equal as man servant. Just as how the book of Galatians 3:28 doesn’t say that there is no Jew and Gentile, slave and free, male and female because we are all equal, but because we “are all one in YahuSha, our Messiah.”. How Colossians 3:11 doesn’t talk about equality between barbarians and Scythians, but rather asserts that “Messiah is all, and is in all.” How Ephesians 3:6 doesn’t say that Gentiles are now equal with Jews, but rather that we are now “heirs together.” or how Ephesians 6:9 doesn’t talk about equality between slaves and masters, but rather that both have the same Master. Just as how Male and female or husband and wife are treat the same as human being yes, but both are not created the same physical work or have the same ability.


We the people have broken the importation chain because we have been ignoring the correct rules and law. How we have been lacking these moral discipline and not getting enough right ethical behavior towards one another which prescribe the change of how and what humans ought to do. I am not talking only about woman but man also have forgotten this right-rulings. I've see more and more wife or a mother out at work like what every man out to do for their own life instead for the husband. Whether the wife and husband are working at the same place or not, who is going to care for the child of their? Are you going to have your parent or babysitter to do that for you? Or how a mother would be doing the construction job while the father is at home caring for the baby, is that his job? Can this father breastfeed the baby? Why all this does NOT approve in YAH's eyes. Review all this again and think about it.