January 2021


Was YahuSha white or black race man?

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Brothers and sisters, it is time for us to seek deeper truth about our ancient past, our ancestors’ fathers. Why? Because I have a reason to believe that we as mankind had been whitewashed the truth about our world history and how the bloodline age of our ancestor’s father became lost. The truth that had been bury so deep hidden from us for many generations, which we today will have a hard time believing it. It is time for us to unleash the cover-up truth to our eyes to know why we were being told a lie for a long time. There is one thing I want to unleash the truth about, was the Messiah black or white skinned man?

The reason I have want to write about this topic is because I have noticed increase people debating over the biblical topic about YahuSha’s (Jesus’) who is black skinned man. I also want to write about this topic because I have witnessed more and more violence crime based on discrimination and racism against people of color. So, I decided to do something about this situation. To say something out loud at my bast to get everyone attention. To tell everyone to stop hurting your neighbor who is also our brother and/or sister. Whether they are black, brown, white, red, or yellow skinned people because we all came from the first earthly parents Adam and Eve. Most of the time we have forgotten or ignore this and end up turn against one another like how Cain murdered his very own brother Abel, let us not be like him. 

The next thing I am about to say something here may seem absurd to you. Since you are already reading this document topic because you may be curious or want to know the whole possible truth, I am ordering you to finish reading this whole document article and then do your own investigative homework about this topic before you say AMEN nor planning on rebelling against me. Once again, I am NOT ASKING but ORDERING YOU. Because I am sick of tired seeing people who foolish to say amen or plan on to rebel against me without actual done their homework. They may be thinking that they already know the answer which they do NOT. They only know the answer because of what they have learned from their teachers, pastors, parents, media, or book written by man without doing their own homework research whether they speak of the truth or not. 

It is time for us to open our eyes and see how foolish or childless we have become. How blind we end up being in the humanity of life. Not knowing who we are, that WE ARE THE SAME as human who we all have this RED BLOOD which YAHUAH had created us.  He is our maker, and we are his children. 

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So many of us have grown so dark as bad as we end up all being blind or end up kill our loved one for a dumb reason. I see so many of us lack of not knowing who we are and where did we come from. Before the name of America, Europe, China, Asia, and even Africa? Not knowing that we ALL came from the three sons of Noah after the great flood. Now, we are all lost in the tracking of time, not knowing who our ancestor's father is. Especially not knowing who

our heavenly father is as well. Brothers and sisters, did you know that our ancient ancestors’ fathers, whether he was Shem, or Japhet, nor Ham to us were ALL dark-skinned people. In another word, none of them were as ivory (white) skinned person. Indeed, I strongly believe this, and you are about to find out why. This topic will lead us to find out whether our Messiah was a white or black-skinned man. 

Most of us had experience went to the bible Sunday school or have been listening to the Bible preacher in a so-called church; have no idea how badly we all have been brainwashed. Since the time of the old century back in the early day when group of false believers began to teach false doctrine. These false doctrine have powerful leaders who goal was to rule the nation and get rid of the true believers. This false teachings had spread all over the world for century after century had cause people to begin to lose faith and forget the true teaching law of YAHUAH (our Creator Father). Where everyone now following the way of man who rule the world by their own law. 

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Our modern-day education world today is so different from how the bible teaches us the way of life, how to live, work, enjoy, and learn in this world. We have variety of different beliefs and cultures that can affect our life one another a difficult way. Whether we agree or not. Whether we believe or not. We always end up get into war. Today, we have a mixture of true and lie in our education world. Yes, this is true. Even many of us have been whitewashing about YahuSha’s (Jesus) skinned color. Many of us have believed that the Messiah (whose real name once again is YahuSha) was hung on this two Romans beam cross was a white man who have a long brown figure hair with small amount of beard on his face for so many generations. While others believe he was more like a Jewish tan-skinned color man with dark brown hair. 

During my childhood time, I have seen so many statues, pictures, or films of him as a white man. Until one day in my near-adult life, I did have this suspicion that he may not be as ivory, white-skinned man at all. Because I have noticed the people who live in the Middle East and Egypt area were all dark tanned skin like people. Finally, during my 30’s and 40’s, I had this near belief that YahuSha was much more like a tan or brown-skinned man. I also had this possible thought that maybe he was more like the Indian or Asian people. Not until in my near mid 40’s, I noticed more Africa-American and other black-skinned people around the world claiming that YahuSha, the messiah is actually black-skinned man. A few times, I did check in the Bible to find out whether this is true, but I did not complete the research homework far enough to make the decision.  Until a few years later. I finally dig in deeper to find out whether YahuSha was a black man. 

After investigation, it turns out that the claim was almost true. In another word, I believe he was NOT exactly like the African blackness skinned man. I believe YahuSha was possibly more like a Middle Eastern Asian and a little as the Aboriginal Australians’ man. This may sound odd, but it sure does give me a pieces of true evidence. I will explain how and why this is possibility. I have gathered much of the biblical information and other resource information that included physician and biological history of mankind that had 

evolution our skin color. To see whether YahuSha was a white-skinned man or black-skinned man. First, I must inform you that we must rely on the biblical information more than other books. Meaning, we should not rely on non-biblical book more than the Bible. Just because it gives us much better logic sense than what the Bible tell us. However, if there are good resource books that can benefit us the guidon to the Bible or supporting fasts. Which may have the connection with the bible is okay. We must be more careful how we follow up with other kind of book written by man. Since we do not want to be misled with false teaching or false facts. 

Let start the research by starting at the Revelation book, chapter one; verses 14-15:


His head and His hair were white like wool, white like snow, and His eyes like a flame of fire. - Tree of Life Version (TLV)

Notice how it describes the head and his hair in that passage verse. Notice also how it describes the color white twice. The way this sound like, a white-headed man who have this white hair. Because of how it describes both white, the head, and the hair. Pretty much every other Bible version describes this same way, such as KJV, GNV, LEB, ASV, or CJB. To be honest, I did also have this possible thought that he has this albinism skinned color. Because of how it describes the 

albino red yey.jfif

eyes like a fire. I have seen few people who have albinism skin color and have bold red eye. At the same time, I said this to myself that is impossibly fit for him. I will explain why is that later here. 

While I was still doing this research, I have a reason to believe that the ancient scribe who wrote this passage verse was possibly describing the hair alone. For example, there is one Bible version that describes it differently than how most other Bible version said. The New International Version (NIV) describes the hair alone, see what it said: “The hair on his head was white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire”. The question here, which version of the Bible is more correct? Did the past Bible translators translate the ancient scroll into our language correctly or incorrectly? My answer, mostly incorrectly. FYI, the translators were NOT supposed to translate change the scroll language into our foreign language. Some of them probably did not realize they were NOT supposed to do that. According to the Bible, we were told not to change, add, or delate how it was written (Exodus 19:5, Psalm 55:19, 89:34, Proverbs 30:6, John 14:15, Revelation 22:18-19. All this explains why the passage verse we have read earlier, and many other passage verses seem often a bit confusing.  This is part of the reason why we end up confused. 

Here is another possibility about the white head if the translator translated it more correctly. It is probably that it was supposed to described along with the other verse in verse 16. As how verse 16 explains YahuSha was shining so bright as glory as the sun at full strength. Meaning, YahuSha’s face was shining so bright as white that troubling what John seen. John may have sawed YahuSha’s face transfigured into shone while like a sun, and his clothes became white, similar description how Matthew 17:2 describes. 

Now let look at Daniel 7:9, because this passage of the scripture talks about the hair alone.


…and the hair of His head like pure wool…

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Noticed in this verse above, most of the Bible versions do NOT describe the color of the hair. It describes what the hair LOOK LIKE, like ‘PURE WOOL’. In another word, it was describing what the hair looks like, like wool. Yet, it appears that only the NIV Bible describes the color as ‘WHITE’ wool. Since most Bible versions describe only ‘PURE’ wool, I would consider picking pure wool. The word ‘pure’ I learned does NOT give us another meaning as white. This word ‘pure’ means “CLAN” wool, “NEW” wool, or 100% wool. So, if both passage verses in Daniel and Revelation talking about YahuSha’s hair like wool, the question here is, what human race have a hair-like wool? Most would recognize native African have a wool hair like a sheep wool curly hair. They can be right about that, but the problem is, the Bible did not describe the wool like the heavy thick curly 

hair like the sheep have. We know sheep, goats, alpacas, and camels all have a wool hair. Most of these animals do have curly wool hair, but not all of them. Take a good look at the photograph above, dose all these four legging animals have heavy curly thick hair? The answer is NO. 

Black African hair indeed similar like the sheep curly wool hair. Now, the question here I like to ask, would it be possible that YahuSha hair was like other four legging animals? This trouble me because we do not know exactly what kind of wool looking hair other than like white wool hair on YahuSha’s head. This is why this can be a very challenge part to figure out. Still, there are number of people who believe YahuSha is black who have like sheep wool hair, because of how YahuSha is the symbol of the Lamb who sacrificed his blood for our sin. 

The next place in the Bible I like to point out why YahuSha is not ivory, white-skinned man at all. Read what verse 15 of Revelation in chapter one said: “His feet were like polished bronze refined in a furnace” Now tell me, does this sound like a white feet man? To me nope. The color of bronze that is refined in a furnace is much more like a copper burnt color penny. If this copper color penny were refined in a furnace (or like polished or burnished brass) would be more like a dark golden color. This is the most reason why I 

believe YahuSha is not a white-skinned man at all. So, now we know from what this Revelation book said clearly in 1:14-15 that YahuSha is not a white-headed man. 

The next thing I want for us to notice about YAH’s people in the Bible, read the Job 

30:30. This one describes about Job’s skin colors “My skin has turned black on me”. This verse describes how Job’s skin turned black is because he lives under the hot sun which turns his skinned darker. Another passage verse about a 

woman who claims to be a black-skinned person in the book of Song of Solomon 1:5 “I am black, but beautiful, O daughters of Jerusalem, like the tents of Kedar, like the curtains of Solomon”. Another one also mentioned the dark skin in chapter 5, verses 11 & 15 “His head is purest gold, his hair is wavy, black as a raven… His legs are pillars of alabaster set on bases of pure gold”. This one describes the man's (Solomon) head’s and leg’s colors as purest GOLD. This verse probably the lighter skin color person like brown. 



Ezekiel 1:7 - Their legs were straight, and the soles of their feet were like the hooves of a calf, gleaming like polished bronze.


Ezekiel 40:3 - So He took me there, and I saw a man whose appearance was like bronze. He was standing in the gateway with a linen cord and a measuring rod in his hand.


Daniel 10:6 - His body was like beryl, his face like the brilliance of lightning, his eyes like flaming torches, his arms, and legs like the gleam of polished bronze, and the sound of his words like the sound of a multitude. 

So far, we have seen a list of example of each person skinned color other than YahuSha’s skin color, it appears to me in the Bible that there were greater number of dark-skinned people instead of ivory, white skinned people like me. I can only find a few for lighter skin person which may sound like a white-skinned person. 

Song of Solomon 5:14 - His hands are rods of gold set with jasper. His abdomen is carved ivory inlaid with sapphires.


Song of Solomon 7:5 - Your neck is like an ivory tower. Your eyes are pools in Heshbon near the gate of Bath-Rabbim. Your nose is like a tower of Lebanon overlooking Damascus. 

Notice in Song of Solomon (Songs) 5:14 how does this word IVORY color described the person’s abdomen sound like, black? This man seems to be described as lighter-skinned person as white. If you wonder what color ivory look like, look at the photograph of my hand on the right, this is the ivory color which label me as white person. This man in chapter five describe him may not be as white or black person, because of the hand describe like a rod of gold color. I do not have any rod of gold looking color skinned on me anywhere. Since his abdomen was cover with clothe from the sun may be the reason why it did get his skin darker. Do you know that black skinned people do have lighter skin on their palm of the hand and feet? This man maybe in the middle range of brown skin person have much lighter skin on his abdomen. Another one in Song of Solomon 7:5 that describe about the ivory color neck who may be more like a white person. Because of how it also describes 


about the eyes color which may appear to be a blue or green. Because of how the description mentioned about the pools in Heshbon. I do not picture this person as a black or dark-skinned person. 

The next challenge part to figure out exactly which categorizing group of race did YahuSha biological fit in. Because I know he cannot be one of the descendant’s bloodlines of Canaan. Who Canaan is the Son of Ham. I decided to go beyond what he may looks like other than his skinned color. One thing I have discovered to learned about YahuSha hair. I have learned that YAHUAH taught Yisrael not to look like woman. For example, look at what Paul’s point out what a man should look like in first Corinthians chapter 11; verses 3–15. A man’s hair should look masculine (male gender look). A woman’s hair should look feminine. What this means is how different does a man and woman looks on their physical. Bible teaches a law about the nature for a man who have a long hair would consider dishonor YAH, the same for women who head are uncovered, or shaved head would also dishonor YAH as well. This tells me that YahuSha must of NOT have a long hair like the first two picture of the white and black man. He must have a normal masculine looking short hair. I have also learned that YahuSha’s physical face did not have an attract handsome look according to Isaiah 53:2. That also nothing like how the first two photograph of a Black or white handsome looking Jesus. 

Some believe YahuSha was beardless man because of how they have discovered an old ancient picture of him as beardless man. Since I cannot accept their words about the ancient painting proof that is still not good enough for me. Since it is just as many other old painting of false white Messuah who appears to have a beard. I rather go by what the Bible say. The true is, YahuSha have a beard because of how the Bible taught me about cutting around the beard. First thing I have learned the lesson about the beard according to Leviticus 19:27, 21:5, YAH’s expect Israel not to shave their beards. This Leviticus teaching is one strong evidence why YahuSha must of have a beard. The other reason I know he have a beard other than what the lesson being told to YAH’s people, read what Isaiah chapter 50; verse 6 said there. This verse is about the coming Messiah who is described to have a beard on his cheeks:

I gave my back to those who strike, and my cheeks to those who pull out the beard; I hid not my face from disgrace and spitting. 

So far, I have learned that YahuSha is not a handsome looking man who have a beard. He does not have a long hair on his head like a woman. He is not an ivory, white-skinned looking man as well. 

Now, let go back to YahuSha skinned color which appear as polished bronze color. Because of how his feet clearly describe as polished bronze. I also believe Noah and his three sons were all dark-skinned people because of how many people in the Bible were describe as darker skin people. I want to discuss about Egyptian artifacts which will help us make a better judgment on what appear on the artifacts. How an Archaeologists has discovered many of these art on the artifacts from Egypt long ago, appear to be all dark-skinned people. The people who live during the ancient Egypt time somehow looked more like the African, Asian, and even Indian people. They have discovered most of their race were depicted with reddish, burnished brass and some yellow skin tones people. There is an image of evidence of salve people who are likely the Israelites people and they were all dark-skinned people as well. Please take a good studies look at all these Egyptian artifacts shown example here: 

dark Egyptian.jpg
dark skin Israelites (2).jpg
Egyptian women.jfif
curly wool hair.jpg
dark and light Egyptian.jpg

You can Google search more of these artifacts and still see why so many of these people during the ancient day were mostly dark-skinned people other than ivory, white-skinned people. Yet, I did notice there are some ivory skinned people who also appear on the artifacts as well. One thing I have noticed, it appears that most of the Egyptian leaders seem more likely an Asian person. Asian like the Mongoloid and Australoid people who both may have share the similar genetic look. For example, look at this modern-day photograph figure of a woman who talking on the mobile phone on the right. 

She looks like she half black African and Asian woman, right? Guess what, she is not either race. According this this photograph that was posted on the media I have found, she is a Native American woman, who was a member of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe. Again, she a Native American. Now, the reason I am showing this figure to look at her face of the woman shown on the photograph is how I seem to notice her cheek, lip, hair, and her eye. She somehow has this similar looks of the ancient dark skinned Egyptian. She reminds me one of the Egyptian artifacts example above and you will see why she look like one of these image on the artifacts. It is very possible that the Native America once were also living in Egypt as well. 

She look like as anicent black Egyptian


So far, I have seen on the Egyptian artifacts not necessary all black African kind of people. Because I have noticed there were mix of race of people living in the Egypt empire. I have a scientific reason to believe that the primary ancestors of the old Egyptian kingdom were possible once were all dark Asian looking people until the new Egyptian kingdom generation were more of the Canaanites people who took over. The similar history as what happened during the Babylonian Empire time as well. Ancient Babylon also had a mix of race of people as well. Israelites also were slaves in Babylon as well. It very possible during the Babylonian Empire time, Israelites were no longer all dark-skinned people. 

Think about what would happen in America in the next 500 to 1000 years from now, will the native-America, Africa-American, Spanish-American, Italian American, or Asian-American have their same genetic population color race or will they look-alike today people in the far future time? Most definitely will not, because we end up joined inmarriage with other races of genes of people who already have lighter skin and look different. Giving birth to a child with mixed of genes race will end up have the white-skinned genetic. Inmarriage is not the only reason that cause the change in people genic skin color. 

The next thing I want to discuss is how did we end up becoming more like the ivory white skinned people? Back in the early day, people once live on a landmass before it was divided separate and water on earth was a lot less than 75% on earth. All the people once were living not far from the equator of the earth, where people intensely always get the sun ultraviolet light on their skin all the time. Ultraviolet light on people skin can cause their skin to get darker. Not to mention that ultraviolet light today can cause skin cancer. After the great flood, Noah and 7 other were the only survivor left on the whole earth. I have a reason to believe all were living somewhere north or north-east of the mountain area where the Ark rest. Probably on Mount Chhogori (or Mount Godwin-Austen), or Mount Everest, nor Ushba in Georgia nor Koshtan-Tau in Russia. Before Noah’s three son’s children end up spread to the Middle East and far to the Africa land. All these early ancient was just a simple same race tribe of Noah’s people before their future descendants became a divide nations. Those who end up live in the Africa land for A long period of time became a darker tone skinned people as black. While other who end up live far north and live for a long time there end up become a lighter skinned people. These people are not under the sun much during the cold season and are often fully cover with clothes. In the land where people end up live in Yisrial or Iraq were a regular dark-skinned people. Possibly more like the brown or bronze skinned people. 

Now, since we know people who end up live far north don’t get much daylight become more lighter skinned people over time. These people end up having a weaker genetic skin because they don’t get enough vitamin D in them from the sun. When we are exposed by the sun, our skin can manufacture its own vitamin D. We each have vitamin D receptor cells that, through a chain of reactions starting with conversion of cholesterol in the skin, produce vitamin D3 when they are exposed to ultraviolet B (UVB) from the sun. Yet, we still must be extra careful not to spend too much time under the sun. We need to understand that Melanin has photoprotective action and protects the skin from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiations. High melanin level inhibits the production of vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D is a prohormone that helps in the absorption of calcium from the gut. The skin that melanin can help protect the skin from UV (Ultraviolet) rays. Increasing melanin also help block processes in the body that lead to skin cancer. This is why darker skinned people have a strong pigment skin have no problem staying outside on a hot sunny day compare to those who have ivory, white skinned will end up get burn from the sun easily. Black skinned people have a stronger genetic skin. 

Albinism 2.jpg

This explained why lighter skinned people as white have a blonde hair and blue eye. According to scientific facts eye color is determined by variations in a person’s genes. Most of the genes associated with eye color are involved in the production, transport, or storage of a pigment called melanin. Eye color is direct related to the amount and quality of melanin in the front layers of the iris. People with brown eyes have a large amount of melanin in the iris, while people with blue eyes have much less of this pigment. To better understand about our 

skin, melanin is a skin pigment. It occurs in both humans and animals, and is what makes hair, skin, and eyes appear darker. Now, the next thing you are about to learned something here may be very disturbing to you. It might also sound confusing but bear with me. There is a lesson I have learn a great deal about blemish (defect – not in whole perfection etc...) we must understand, look in the book of Leviticus chapter 21. We will first understand why the Bible teaches us that no one who have a blemish shall draw near the Holy place at the temple to offer the bread [of the Presence] of YAH. The reason why YAH commands this, those who have blemish cannot become a priesthood to serve in YAH’s temple. This lesson must be understood based on why offspring or sinner cannot enter to serve in the holy place. This is why YAH taught his people to sacrifices the lamb or goat that are not blemish. These example gives us reason why, YahuSha, our Messiah is the sacrifices Lamb of YAH. He who have no blemish and is no sinner is the respect one who have pure example one who can forgive and salvation us from sin of the death. The logic understanding here is to understand that pure healer (Messiah) can heal the sinner, but the sinner (Devil) cannot heal sinner. We are born sinner and we are all far from our ancient ancestor father who already have defect genetic DNA even we may not appear as blemish. We may now begin to understand those who were born blemish are consider part of the offspring people of YAH. Because of the sin defect of our past parents passed on to their children. We all are already a broken (separate, apart from YAH) people. Those who are very white skinned (albino) people are also consider blemish, because they have a rare genetic disorder. 

Understand this, we should not judge those who have albino skin does not mean they are all curse people. Yet, we are still a sinner because of our parents have sin and we also end up make mistakes in life also. It still a good idea to follow and obey all of YAH’s commandments. If we do not follow the way of YAH teachings end up fall. Back in the ancient day, way before YahuSha’s day on earth, when people disobey or cursed YAH nor to their own people are likely to end up stone death. Or simply they become an offspring people. According to Deuteronomy 30:19, it says we can either choose life and blessing or death and cursing. Those who chosen death will deal with curse. Whether they may not die right away will suffer. Exodus 34:7 says that God “the iniquity of the fathers on the children and the children's children, to the third and the fourth generation”. A generational curse had passed on down from one generation to another due to rebellion against YAH. The point here is that, when curse had passed on down from one generation to another already had affected our DNA health. Meaning, like disease had weakness our life shortens span life. Our DNA genetic become weaker and weaker which have done some physical damage or change the way we live on earth. 

This is why we are all more like a defect (blemish) of people. Ancient people once were mighty tall people, who used to live more than 120 years, who do not get sick easily like our modern-day world, and those who can farm out the field under the sun all day. We are no longer like these healthy ancient people. Even those who are black skinned people. Just as why some of them have blue or green eyes that is not common for black African skinned people to have. Same reason why the albinism people have a rare genetic disorders that are not only cause to their skin, but also to their hair and eyes. Even they do have vision problems. Most people do not realize that ivory, white-skinned have a weakness skin genetic as well. 

Now, it is in my understanding, all men are not the children of YAH in a personal sense as a father with a son. Since the scripture teaches that YAH only dwells in those who have put their pure faith in MessiYah's example. All offspring people have separated from themselves from YAH. When a person who did not turn way from YAH and believe in His be-loving Son, they are spiritually regenerated, born anew, given new life, justified (declared righteous with HIM), forgiven of all their sin, past, present, and even the future, and made children of YAH (John 1:12-13). At that moment of faith, the Step-Apart Spirit comes to indwell their lives to enable them to experience fellowship with HIM and understand, grasp the truth of what the Scripture teach in their personal and meaningful way. No wonder why YAH bless the one who made themselves as eunuch for the kingdom of YAH. Because he does not want to get in or risk trouble with the sexual act. Avoid sin of wrongdoing but to stay pure even so he became more like a blemish. Knowing that he did not separate himself from YAH. 

egypt eunuch guards for queen.jfif

Think about why YahuSha taught his disciples about the parable of a good fruit and the last harvest day in Matthew 13:24-46 or Mark 4:26-29 and Luke 13:1-9. If we chose to continue not to live by the fruitful way of life which YAH have taught his disciples the way of life, will be found to be thrown into the furnace. Yet, if we believe in HIM, follow, and obey all of HIS commandments law, we will be saved from that furnace of eternal death. Bear with me, this is true thing what the Bible have taught me. YAH created us and HE have every right to make the decision about us. Yet, HE made a promises, a covenant to HIS people. YAH promised to bless Abraham and make his descendants as numerous as the stars shown in the night sky and as the sand on the seashore. 

Even to his offspring people who have a second chance, all nations on earth still have his blessing, because he is the grace of ONE who still love his children can be forgiven (Genesis 22:17-18, 2nd Peter 3:9). YAH brought his people in and planted them on the mountain of his inheritance (Exodus 15:17). This is why he have often said for us to REMEMBER his covenant forever, the word that he commanded, for a thousand generations, the covenant that he made with Abraham, his sworn promise to Isaac, which he confirmed to Jacob as a statute, to Israel as an everlasting covenant, saying, “To you I will give the land of Canaan, as your portion for an inheritance” (1st Chronicles 16:14–18). After you heard the message of truth—the Good News of your salvation—and when you put your trust in Him, you were sealed with the promised Set-Apart Spirit (Ephesians 1:13). 

We should know by now that Yisrael also made mistake in their life who have done the wrongdoing. No wonder why so many of them today are all divided people. The only way to recognize YAH” s people as the Yisraelite people are those who believe, follow and guard of all of HIS commandments law. These people can consider to be more like the Natsarim believers. Because they are the branches of YahuSha who is (the vine as explain in John 15:5) and the watchman who observe YAH’s law, who follow and guard teaching laws. It does not matter what do they look like or what skin color do they have today. Because people today are no longer like the old ancient day who all once were dark skinned people. 

We must be more extra careful what we think or may claim that those who are African black skinned people are the true bloodline age of Yisrael people. Since it is not true wholly. Because in my finding, it appears to me that the ancient Israel people were NOT the African looking tone-black people who were living in the Egypt land at the time. The same reason why Israel is not the pure bloodline ancestors of Canaan who he is the son of Ham. They are the ancestor’s blood lineage of Shem. 

It is my understand that the Bible often do refers Egypt as the Land of Canaan. According to what Psalm 78:51 called Egypt ‘The House of Khawm’. The word Khawm actually means “black, hot, and burnt” in Hebrew, Chamam, and Hebrew word for “to be hot”. These people's skin often gets darker because of the sun ray beam on their skinned. This is how we know who they are and what color their skin may look like. They are the Canaan’s people who also are the blood lineage of Ham. Some people claimed that “Abraham's father Terah, was the relative of Nimrod”. This is something else I had to dig deeper to see whether that is true or not. Because I had a scene of disagreement on that part. The reason again, Abraham I have already learned that he is the ancestors of Shem, not Ham. After I have carefully investigated to see whether it true or not, this is what I have discovered the lineage. 

Look at this right-side of photograph which appear lineage from Noah to Abraham. I find that Terah is the 9th generation son of Shem and Nimrod is only the 2nd generation son of Ham. This tells me that this does not make Terah and Nimrod as closed relative. Compare how Ham and Shen in place who consider as close relative because they both are close brothers, and both have the same father who is Noah. Terah and Nimrod are far too apart from their close relative. Please do not fall in because Abram was born in their land according to Jasher 9:5, does NOT make him as relative to Nimrod, no-no. Since Terah happen to be living in the city of Ur in their homeland of Chaldea while Nimrod was also living there as well. 

Here is another thing I have learned about where Abram grew up in the city of Ur, one thing I have learned that Ur is not located in Africa land at all. Ur was the city in the region of Sumer, which is located southern of Mesopotamia, in what is now modern-day Iraq. That right, IRAQ! A lot of people who read the Bible often assume the city of Ur is located near Egypt or in the Middle East. 

Earlier, I have mentioned most of the Egyptian rulers were dark-skinned people who are also part of the Canaanites people. Here is what I have learned what the Israelites were taught NOT to marry. They were told not to marriage the offspring people. Canaanites people are the offspring people whom the Israel cannot marry those people. FYI, this has nothing to do with their skinned color. Because both tribes of people are all dark-skinned people any way. Shem’s, Japheth’s, and Ham’s future tribes all also end up becoming a divided offspring people as well. What I am saying here so far is that there were still pure ancestors of Shem people who continue follow and obey YAH’s commands and YAH not want them to marriage the offspring woman. Otherwise, they could end up become offspring. 

The main thing for us to better understand what the name does ‘Israelites’ mean to us today. Why is this name so important? Do you know how many people have become an offspring from Israelites? You may be surprise throughout reading the whole bible, too many true bloodline age of Sham people died by their sin became a divided offspring people. Today, we have variety of color of race of people who can be like the Israelites people because they believe in YAH. They are all from many nations and most of them have no idea which blood lineage do they truly come from. 

After I have done a lot of research on people race and the past historical tribes, I have noticed something interesting about some of the people skin color that seem uncommon to me who are far from our great grandfather’s time. There were people I noticed were far before the European people, or some of the Asian tribe of people who all were dark-skinned people as almost as the black-skinned people. I also noticed how the vert old Native American and even the Aboriginal Australians before their land were discovered to live in were also black native people. Now, most of their color race is not like that anymore, why is that? This is because they no longer live where they used to live near the earth's equator and/or how they end up marry the lighter (or white) skinned people passed on the genetic to their children to have lighter skin color.

So, the lesson I have learned, all humans were biological dark-skinned people. I realized that our genetic body and skin got weaker over time. That the evolution changes of our skin which had turn lighter overtime. This explains why most African people are still tone darker-skinned people as black, while the far northern people are as ivory skinned people. This is why many of Japheth's future tribes end up becoming more of a lighter-skinned people who are now called as white and/or yellow skinned people. They all barely did not move far south where Ham’s people did.


There is an interesting thing I have learned about the name Japheth. JAPHETH (Iapheth or Lafeth) somehow literally has the meaning "enlargement". I believe this is interesting because of how I remember what Genesis 9:24-27 said. 

"When Noah woke up from his wine, he learned what his youngest son had done to him. So, he said, “Cursed is Canaan: the lowest slave will he be to his brothers.” He also said, “Blessed be Almighty YAH of Shem, and let Canaan be his servant. May YAH enlarge Japheth, may he dwell in the tents of Shem, and may Canaan be his slave.”

So, this Japheth’s future tribe of people I learned are the larger tribes of people than Shem and I also know that Of Canaan who is the Son of Ham lineage is lowest. It strange somehow, I thought the lineage of Shem’s future people would be the largest population in the world, but I was wrong. I did look up online to see what population race on earth is the largest. According to our modern census, I have discovered that there are over 4 billion Asian people on earth, and it is my understanding that Han Chinese are the world's largest ethnic group of these Asian people on earth. So, I wonder if Asian people are the largest lineage ancestor of JAPHETH? 

Some believe Asians belong to the lineage of Ham (Hem or Chem) but that cannot possibly be right because of what the recorded census proofs me. Here another reason why I have also discovered that Hittites people who have migrated all over the place before they went far Southeast of Asia and they are now the modern-day Chinese people. Chinese are the Asian people; therefore, they do not fit in the Ham tribe at all. I do understand that European and Asian people are not the same people but, they both somehow are the lineage of Japheth’s people who have lived far away from the south where most of Canaan people end up live. Most lineage of Canaan who is the Son of Ham children ends up live in the land of the Africa.

Here is another interesting fact, black African people somehow do have high numbers population, not only those who live in Africa but all over the world. Right now, there are between 1,188,800,000 to 1, 210,000,000 black African descent living EVERYWHERE ON EARTH. Since most of the Canaan people are tone darker-skinned people, they have been living in Africa for an exceptionally long time. Please understand this, this black-skinned people in this census record does not mean the same people as the native who live in African. Since there are other races of black people who also have alike dark skin tone as the black African people. This is why many of us must be careful who we judge on those who have black skin does not mean their ancestor father were all from Africa.

Before YahuSha had returned to heaven where he came from, he may not have this white color hair on his head while he was still on earth. Because most people who study the Bible will recognize that he was a young man in his possible early 30’s. The most proof we can find this in the Bible, who he was recognized not even in his mid-age (50 years old) on the near day he went back to heaven according to what John 8:57 said: “You are not yet fifty years old, and have you seen Abraham?”

Read what Proverbs 16:31 said about gray hair. Gray hair is a glorious crown worn by those who have lived right. This is one way to understand the respect age of man and how to honor of someone who deserves the crown of respect as well. Respect someone who have the authority, who is a top leader, power, and who is the elder of the household as well. Remember when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the covenant, what did the people see his face that far them? His face was stone blazing because he had spoken with YAH (Exodus 34:29)? This may be another reason why YahuSha hair may turn into white color because of this powerful glory in heaven. So far, I still believe YahuSha is not a white-skinned man when he was here on earth as a man or spiritual ONE in heaven. The Bible does describe him with this blazing glory that could be so bright for earthly people to see his face. Because it was bright as white light.

The only thing that may be usual to see YahuSha is his red eye like a blazing fire which described in Revelation 1:15. It would be uncommon to see anyone as dark skinned man who have like a blazing red eye. Unless he was albino who has a rare genetic disorder. Yet, this cannot be him who would have weaker genetic disorders. Because he was born in perfect form without blemish. There is another possibility reason why YahuSha’s eyes appear to have this blazing color fire eyes. He might have this beautiful amber blazing color eyes like a yellow to goldens while he was here on earth, but in heaven, it might glow brighter. Eyes like amber are close like a wolf’s eye. Maybe his eyes will be like that only when he returns to heaven. Here my very conclusion, I believe it possible that all human once was biological a dark-skinned color people. They were all probably well like the bronze color skinned people. All mankind once was a strong genetic living people who once live up to 900 years. Since Adam and his wife had sinned, their evolution life got weaker genetic which explained why all mankind cannot live over 120 years old. The change tone color of the people’s skin is the same reason why our physical no longer a strong genetic. A similar idea why people get a Leprosy disease as well. Whether a black couple have a child, their child would still have a chance having a ivory white skinned. Because they still have a weak DNA genetic in their physical while they do have strong genetic skin. Just as why the parents would give a birth to a Deaf child, blind child, or dwarf child. 

My saying here is this, I believe our first parent Adam and his wife probably were both dark tone skinned people who once live in a beautiful paradise earth. This also probably why Noah and his three sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth were also dark-skinned people. Everything changes of how they see their skin tone because of two reason, sin cause us weaker and how people migrate far away from the earth’s equator. They became more lighter skinned people. While other who live extremely near the earth’s equator area turn darker skinned as black. This is why the ancient African were all black people, because they have lived there a period of long time. While those who live in the Middle East and Asia area still have the normal skin tone color as bronze color. I believe YahuSha had this bronze color. He was never a ivory white skinned man like me at all.  

At the other hand about the white wooly curly hair like what the sheep have, I will not get into an argument whether YahuSha had this curly wool hair like the sheep or not. Because the Bible did not give us enough proof what kind of hair look did, he has but how it describe only the white color. I also will not just fall in for him as Black African looking man as well. Since he is not the bloodline ancestors of Canaan or Ham. Secondly, the way I understand about the goats and alpaca’s wool hair, both do not always have a curly hair like most sheep do. YahuSha could be one of the ethnic groups of Asia people or he could be more like the Native American nor Aborigines people. The whole point here is, we are all creation child where it started from Adam’s day. We are all from Noah as well. We are all mankind brothers and sisters because of them. There is no reason why we should be against one another because of how we look or what color skin do we have. We are all RED BLOOD MANKIND who YAHUAH had created us.  

The most importation thing we want is the truth. We want to know who we are and where did we come from. We should always love our neighbor as to our self and respect one another. We want to be taught what is true and right by a proper education. Since we already know our education system in US isn’t as great, we thought we were told everything true. So, please do not WHITEWASH our mind thing you were taught falsely by man alone in their own doctrine way. It is most likely most people have not seriously investigated deep enough to know whether they taught were true enough. That including WHITEWASH the body idea of YahuSha’s skin color. The bottom-line here, it is not that importation for us to know what color was YahuSha skin. The most importation is known who he is and why we should follow and worship him? 

FYI: This document research is not quite final done. Since I am still not certainly 100% sure if YahuSha was more like the Asian dark skin color.