September 2018



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When people asked this question, where did YAH (God) come from? Because everyone knows that something does not come from nothing. That is logic true but what they do NOT REALIZE is that Yahuah is NOT a NOTHING but a EXISTING ONE who started it all (Romans 1:20, 1st Corinthians 8:6, John 1:3, Proverbs 15:3 & Psalm 113:4-6,139:7-12). This is not a tricky question or fact. If a person come closer to know YAH better, he or she will know the answer to the question. The more we read and study the Scriptural books (Bible) very well, we will be able to fulfilled the whole understanding truth about HIM. Most people often focus on the custom of the world as what man teaches, having their own thinking cap or imagine in their own way. Bring in that teaching into a different kind of beliefs they thought are the Almighty ONE way (1st John 2:15-17, Colossians 3:2, Proverbs 4:14, Mark 7 & 1st Corinthians 3:19).

This document article might be hard for you (as reader) and have doubt. Who haven't careful and popularly read and/or research the biblical teaching enough may not agree with me. What I, Bro. Pouliot have learned and understand here about YAHUAH, our maker of everything from heavens to earth is the everlasting being who is the I AM, the existing almighty ONE (Exodus 3:14, Psalm 23 & John 8:56–59). He who have no beginning or end, because he is simply always there as eternal ONE and is everywhere in an amazing way. Ever since before HE had created and cause the life and time to exist on earth, there were no time zone or a beginning and end. I know this is true because it all explained in the Scriptural books. I also know there is a 

limit of knowledge than what the Scriptural books (bible) can ofter us more. Another words, there is beyond more knowledge in heaven where the MessiYah is, have more wisdom. We are not ready to know what beyond the Bible wisdom. 

The answer to the first question... HE have not come from the not existing place where or who created HIM to become a existing being. YAH is the only ONE as the existing ONE, nothing before HIM. That is why HE is the alpha and omega to us on earth, which mean he is the beginning and the end where we and everything that live upon earth. He always had been existing and always will be. Before there were creation world of heavens and earth, there were no existing 12 hour of day and 12 hour of night. Time only apply on the planet earth. Another word, if we look at the sun, why do we NOT see the sun die out? While number of people who have live on earth live and dies? This is because maybe the space galaxy is part of the eternal heavens. No wonder why the kingdom of heaven is eternal where YahuSha, our savor is.

Now you know where YAH come from and please share other about it 

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