Hello and shalom, my name is Philip Pouliot, the elder son of my late father name Robert Pouliot. I have my father's name in my middle name. My first name is honor of my mother's father's name who is also Deaf. The only different between him and I, he became Deaf from the war and the factory, which he formerly worked for and I was born that way. I was born, raised and still living in western Massachusetts. Most of my old relative nationality from Canadian French. I am the 3rd generation of the Unite State of America citizen from my great great grandfather's name Arthur Pouliot who was born from Canada. 

There is not much special about me except that I am just a regular citizens man like many American people who struggle for the best in daily life. You may discover very little about me online like how you may find some of my unique artistic worked I have done in my past or this website called, which where you are reading this article at now. I am the host and creator of this site. A personal website where I share number of sources of Biblical information along with my testimony. A site where I share about the stocking truth that change my life around and how I've started sharing about it ever since 2013.

Today in this document information which you're reading here now, is one of the importation messages I'm delivery publicly. Ever since Donald John Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States on January 20, 2017, there had been a great number of debate throughout the media about building the WALL between Mexico and America. As why both sides or parties of American people don't and who want this to happen. How I've also witness a grow of chaos which could lead into a civil war event. I've carefully decided to share my expression about this issue, because it's indeed one of the serious major problems we're having in America civilized nation. We need to solve this one another before ending up into a civil war. 

Let me start of explaining something here first, for the stake on both sides who are debating over this WALL's issue. Since we are all an American citizen like one family nation country, we need to find a way to solve the problem we are facing disagreement. How can we work thing out one another for the best we can. How can we negotiate one another to have a fair agreement of share land of freedom. To share our America dream, even if we have a difference in our culture beliefs. How can we get a fair share under one roof, like an family home who are living under one roof that come with wall, windows, door(s) and even a fence around it as well. This house also have a rule to follow and respect. 


Family member of the household runs and secure their love one under this one roof, that are surrounded by this wall or fence. Whether it a weather condition, nature or any danger of animal or a person. The head of the household and their family member have all these responsibility to take care one another. Since every house have a rule set by the head of the household, guest or visitor nor new resident must respect the fair house rule. The same manner for how the government and the leaders of the nation whom also must run and secure the people of the nation from it foreign enemy who may attack us.

When a stranger or visitor approach to our house, we know it is always a respectful way for us to knock the door before entering someone's house. To get the permission from the head of the household. Because it's all about trust and respect. The same manner for how a foreigner(s) or visitor(s) who wish, enter through the nation border, must deal with the entry guard first. The gate or door guard is the authorize person who has this responsibility to insure (ID) each person before they enter. Whether they are a foreign or not. Are they a threat to us. Again, it's all about safety and respect as well. Yet, if any person dare try to cross the border or break through the barrier without properly going to the entry area with permission are considered a invader, attacker and even label as dangerous to our nation. Because when an immigrant person illegally enters the foreign country without ID, the security will think the person a possible terrorism or have criminal that he or she does not want the nation know about are considered an enemy to us. Just as the family's house would fear those who dare try to invade their house without permission are their attacker who care less about respect and love. 

I, Bro.Pouliot understands why many foreign had been entering to the Unite States of America throughout history, whether they illegally enter or not. Because they want to live in an America dream, for a better economic life and/or because of personal freedom base on beliefs that the persecution they differ from their own former country. Since U.S. have this civil right freedom law that make it easier for variety of culture, people who want to live in the U.S. temporarily or permanent to have that civil right and live well. Not only those who came in U.S. for a America dream, we have immigrate who have been entering in U.S. doing a bad business. DRUG business is one of the most problem U.S. have been dealing with immigrant for a long time now. Who have been disrespectful smuggling in our nation we don't want for year. 

Everything I have said above here so far is not all about politics, but to have each of us better understanding why number of American people want to build this wall between Mexico and U.S. Not because the Mexican are considered our enemy, but because of how many non-foreign Mexican who had traveled trough Mexico and Mexican had been breaking through the border without permission had an increase greater number ever than before. Most of these foreign are considered careless or simply have no moral respect have got us all losing respect for them. And losing trust with the Mexican government who could simply not do a better secure job and how the Mexican country seem to have a lack of discipline of love and respect to their own people and foreign neighbor. This is why there are a number of Americans want to upgrade the border into a more secure wall than a fence. For the matter of safely and trust. Just like why we have a house, fence, car and even school have all these security to protect from danger. Building the wall is nothing new under the sun, because the ancient have done it the same reason. For example, the Bible of Ezekiel 42:20 taught me that there are always two divides of common people who are pure and profane. As why the kingdom have always built a wall between both sides? To shield against the profane from the pure side. If a man had no control of himself, it's like he has no wall against the evil spirit that allow it control over himself (same example explains in Proverbs 25:28 explain). 

This is why we need to build a better shield wall, to be safe from unhealthy situation whom can't seem to follow the rule or law. The book of Psalm 89 explained and help me understand why we should be pure instead being profane, by not allowing the bad influence mix up with the good. Because eventually, the good could get ill or turn into bad. So, we have to do what is right from wrong. How we the people need to control ourselves by putting the shield wall against the profane like a bad virus. We don't want to break the law like breaking the wall. Just as how the book of Acts 23:3 explained this same thing. 

Now, since we the American people already know very well that the percentage number of illegal immigrant who are non-Mexican and Mexican had grown very high. Plus, the poorer the Mexican have become in their own county, all very likely will come here for a better life. Whether they are dangerous to us or not, they will all migrate into our country. The more that grow, it will become a more problem in the future. They will break the whole border if we do nothing about it. We have already seen the first hand of large migrate people on the border trying to cross or breakthrough in our generation time. This is why we need to upgrade the border. This is why I, Bro. Pouliot believe and support to build a stronger border wall between Mexico and America. To stop the rise of violence and terrorism who is trying to enter our country with no respect and love. 

For those who do not support the wall or have trouble making the decision, please re-think about this document statement for once and see why the wall is indeed importation for us to build in our nation just as we have a house's wall we secure for our family. If you have decision, please come and support us by making a donation at to build the Wall thank you. 

Message was written and made on January 2019 by Philip R. Pouliot

The Wall of The House