Seek First the Kingdom of YAH

If you happened to hear or witnessed someone saying, “Seek First the Kingdom of YAH” and wonder why is this person delivers such a strange message like that? This message may-be new or odd to you. Perhaps you may have heard it from the scriptural book (Bible). At the end of this documented article, you as the reader will discover what the point of all this meaningful announcement and why stating about YAH's kingdom is coming? Why everyone must know about this importation announcement. 

I, Philip Pouliot have learned a great deal about our Creator ONE who made heaven and earth, and why is the coming new kingdom is so importation message for all of us to know. For almost the first eight years of Bible research and study, I noticed the book of Matthew chapter 6, verse 33 gave me an importation lesson. A lesson to know how to address YAH’s message to the people. What is the first thing we should address them before we deliver the message? What I noticed in that verse of Matthew chapters 6, 'SEEK FIRST', I asked myself is this something we all should seek first to know something? This verse appears to want us to seek first to know about the coming new kingdom who YAH will rule forever and ever. This is the lesson I have learned and realized we should address this message first. To have people put their set of mind about YAH's kingdom is coming soon. A time with joy of the new kingdom which YAH will rule the world where there will no more be SIN upon this world. Matthew chapters 28, verse 19 (or Mark 13:10) had taught me how to address the GOOD NEWS. By saying “SEEK FIRST” about YAH's kingdom is coming.

Once people want to learn more about this good news new kingdom, they might end up questioning “who is this YAH, Creator ONE you say HE made us and why is HE saving us from SIN? They might also question “is this YAH GOD’s name Jehovah or Jesus?”  This is a good way to answer the question after we address the good news. Because we want to be able to inform the people who is YAH and why HIS name isn’t Jehovah or Jesus at all. This is where and how we can guide them to the ancient alphabet letter, to better understand the true four-letter Aramaic-Hebrew Abrahamic language Father’s name YHUH (or YHWH). How this four-letter we read fully in English and how to pronounce it is YAHUAH. And so for the messiah’s five-letter name YHUSA (or YHWSA). 

In the beginning of the Besorah (the Good News) of the messiah, the Son of the Creator ONE who came to Galil; after he was baptized in Jordan River by John and then walk in wilderness for 40 days, he starts proclaiming the Good News of the reign of YAH, and saying, “The time has been filled and the reign of YAH has come near. Repent and believe in the GOOD NEWS” (Mark 1:1-15). This is where he, the messiah has the start of delivering the Good News about the New Kingdom to come. 

YAHUAH has a plan for us, not to suffer in a world where there is corruption. Because sin is among us. We have been disobeying (broke) the law of YAH teachings according to Romans chapters 3 and 6.

YAHUSHA, our Savior had explained what will happen on the last day. Matthew chapter 24 states that the earth and heaven will be renewing again. Even the Revelation book chapter 21 explained this as well. Sin will no longer exist on earth as in heaven and life will be eternal without the darkness of death. Isn't this so wonderful? Indeed! 

This is the Good News and a promise by YAHUAH through YAHUSHA’s salvation. For us on earth. That the promise of the New Kingdom will come and rule us forever. Prophet Daniel knew about this promise which YAHUAH had made for us according to Danial chapter 2, verse 44. YAHUAH will have a better government system in this eternal new kingdom world - Revelation 5:10. 

Dear to those who have read this short document article message, please read on your own in 2nd Corinthians chapter four.


May YAH be with you in HIS teaching