Seek First the Kingdom of YAH

If you happened to hear or witnessed someone saying 'Seek First the Kingdom of YAH” and wonder why someone deliver such message like that? This message may-be new or different to you. Perhaps you may have only heard a little bit about it from someone speaking about it from the scriptural book (Bile). At the end of this document article, you will discover what the point of all this meaningful announcement and why stating about YAH's kingdom? Why everyone must know about this importation announcement.


I, Philip Pouliot have discovered and realize the truth about our Creator ONE who made the heaven and earth and how to deliver the message about HIM. For almost eight years of dealing with the scriptural book, I noticed the scripture of Matthew chapter 6, verse 33 gave me a lesson of how to deliver the message to the people about YAH. The first two word point me out to 'SEEK FIRST'. Seek what first? The kingdom of YAH. This is the lesson I've learned how to address the public. To seek first about our Creator ONE's Kingdom that will come one day to rule forever.


The scriptural book of Matthew 28:19 or Mark 13:10, had taught me the roll of how addressing the GOOD NEWS. SEEK FIRST about YAH's kingdom, which explain about how this new kingdom will rule the world forever and ever. Nothing like any kingdom people had rule.


Once seek to learn more about this new kingdom, by doing reading, research and investigate it. You will begin discover the truth about our Creator ONE's name. YAH is the short name for YAHUAH who is the Creator Father who made the heaven and earth. You will also discover how this name come from the four letter word YHUH (YHWH).


You probably right now thinking “you mean GOD name is YAHUAH?” or say “I thought GOD name is Jehovah or Jesus”? It importation first to investigate the true language whom the ancient had once read the script book before it was translated in verify of language. We have to study the ancient alphabet letter. If you do this, you will discover why HIS name is YAHUAH.


The beginning of the Besorah (the Good News) of the MessiYah, the Son of the Creator ONE who came to Galil; after he was baptized in Jordan River by John and then walk in wilderness for 40 day, he start proclaiming the Good News of the reign of the Creator ONE, and saying, “The time has been filled and the reign of the Creator ONE has come near. Repent and believe in the GOOD NEWS” (Mark 1:1-15). This is where he, the MessiYah have start of the delivering Good News about the New Kingdom to come.


YAHUAH have a plan for us, not to suffer in the world where there is corruption. Because sin is among us. We have been disobeying (broke) the law of YAH according to Romans chapter 3 and 6.


YAHUSHA, our Savior had explained what will happen in the last day. Matthew chapter 24 state that the earth and heaven will be renew again. Even the Revelation book chapter 21 explained this as well. Sin will no longer exit on earth as in heaven and life will be eternal without darkness of death. Isn't this so wonderful? Indeed!


This is the Good News and a promise by YAHUAH through YAHUSHA salvation. For us on earth. That the promise of the New Kingdom will come and rule forever. Prophet Daniel knew about this promise will come which YAHUAH had made for us according to Danial chapter 2, verse 44. YAHUAH will have a better government system in this eternal new kingdom Revelation 5:10.


Dear to those who have read this short document article message, please read on your own in 2nd Corinthians chapter four.


May YAH be with you in HIS teaching


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