Rule for the Online Biblical Assembly Room

& Shabbat Assembly Room

Here is information set of rules for this Assembly Room (whether it the Biblical Assembly Room or Shabbat Assembly Room) that are require for us to respect to follow. Believers, followers or the observant of the Torah know the set of rule in the real assemblies (congregations). Since this Biblical Assembly Room or Shabbat Assembly Room are the online chat room, the set of rule still apply in like the real assemblies (congregations). Natsarim know this set of rules. Newbie (newcomer) seeker are welcome but he or she must follow the set of rule before entering the Assembly Room. Below, there are numbers of rule, please read carefully and you may need the scriptures book (Bible) to verify the set of rule. FYI, if you believe any of this set of rules is not agreeable because of what you find in the scriptures dose not apply, you can contact Bro. Pouliot at his website.



Rule #1. If you are a woman, you are require to read this document at . However, if you already know the woman set of rule in the Assembly (congregations), there no need for you to read the document link. If you've read the document and do not agree within, please leave or do not bother to enter.


Rule #2. Please visit this link ( In order to get to know who is this creator who made this chat room. This way, a newcomer who never met him or don't know him will have a better idea who is this person is and what does he believe in.


Rule #3. The name of Jesus or Jehovah and the title name like God or Lord are not the idea word to be used in this Assembly Room. Unless it is a lesson where members discuss it and explain why it is not good to used the pagan names. There is reason for that. The creator of this room and other members who would also agree to this, believe the name of Yahuah or YahuSha are the proper name calling. In order to respect and honor our heavenly Father true proper name, we shouldn't used other name or it title. We believe other name are the pagan name. If you've never heard of “Yahuah or YahuSha before, please do the research to find out where did this name come from and why other name is in vain wrong to used? You can ask the creator of this Assembly Room where to find the info about Yahuah/YahuSha's name. He will direct you this info.


Rule #4. Two things, your screen name and the profile information should not be a suspicion where it seem or is negative. We may will have to block or remove you immediately, because of bad negative words can impact us. We wish not allow that to happen, since the assembly room are to be holy place to be. No vain name or statements are allow in the chat room.


Rule #5. The matter of respect, there should be at least one person making a statement at a time. This is a fair way we can all eye on whom ever making the words in the chat room, as we would be listening to those who is speaking. Most of all, please respect the elder who may have a great knowledge to share the words.

If you ignore this rule, you will immediately be block or remove.


Rule #6. The main reason of this Assembly Room is to seek, learn and discuss of what the scriptures teaches. Since we know that the scriptures book teaches us that there is no other doctrine of YAHUAH's teaching. No other ministry doctrine or other topics that either try or to change the subject or topic that aren't a fit to these rule could also result to be block or remove of the Assembly Room as well. FYI, we can also pray (worship) our heavenly Father name in the Assembly Room. By not using the pagan name but the proper one as explained in Rule #3.


Rule #7. Please use the private chat to select a person for a purpose like when a person don't want to interrupt or bring up a personal topic in public. This way it won't created trouble in the public chat room. 

Please also read the Special & Addition Rules apply for Bro. Pouliot & those who are Deaf & Hard of Hearing, in order to better understand how the communicate purpose work with those who are Deaf and Heard of hearing.