Searching for Believers?

To whom reading this article,


You've discovered or were directed here because you may-be searching for believers.


I, Bro. Pouliot am one of the believers, a servant of the heavenly Almighty Father who made the heaven and earth; wrote this article message for the community local people who may discovered this message from my network sites. Finding the interested of how I'm also searching for the believers. Who live in the surrounding town of Enfield, Connecticut. Wondering if there is someone out there who would like to have a gathering assembly time. Whether it Sabbatical time or importance holy meeting to wording out about Almighty's words and honor him as well. 


Since few years after 2006, I've been searching for believers in my local community home. Whom read and believe in what every words teaches in the Holy Scriptures book. It's had been a little bit difficult for me to search for a observant who believe and observance the true laws; created by the Almighty Father. How this laws was found in the book of Torah ~ Teaching. Who Almighty Father had taught and handle Mosheh (or Moses) the two table stones to ensure people not to forget the way of life and how to live it right. I am also searching for someone who are Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing who used American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate one another, because I am also Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


To be able to fellowship and help one another who observance what the Holy Scriptural teach and would like to gather into an assembly during the Sabbatical time or the importance holy meeting. I am not looking for such denomination, organization or congregations religion idea name where people worship and/or practice by it's own fundamental belief or their system. If you have visited at which is where I mainly testimonies shared the scriptural and historical truth online, are you one of the believers who believe what I've learned about the Creator and many other wonderful good news? Are you looking for believers to assembly join together too?


Please contact me, because I can't seem to find someone in my home town area whom walk the same path that teaches by what the Holy Scriptural book teaches.