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ASL Dictionary








Deaffriendly (formal called Deaf411) is the new face of crowd sourcing: Bringing awareness to deaf-friendly businesses, and corrective feedback to deaf-challenged businesses. Reviewers fit a number of categories: deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing (hh), friends/family of the deaf and those with a special interest in creating a deaf-friendly world.

Natural Home Remedies 



With many features links which provide a study tool in like a library research area. With many languages, Hebrew/Greek lexicons, dictionaries, many dictionaries scriptures book name and some additional history of the 


Scriptures book times and events. Where all those features may help us get the right definitions and the meaning of the scriptural words found in the original New Covenant Greek and Old Covenant Hebrew languages of the scroll. 


This online study resource can help us in understanding the origins and root meaning of the ancient language. The site link pages "Software & Study Aids" is the "A Voice in the Wilderness" website ( by the possible man name Paul Becker. 

Sunrise Calendar


Select of the major calculations of sunrise at your location area. To know when the new day began. 

New & Full Moon Calendar


Select of major calculations of new & full moon set at your sky point location. To know when the new month likely began. New moon is best knewn for monthly cycle.  (If earth is in the perfect cycle, the moon cycle would set at exactly 30 days a month in all 12 months).

The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls


The five Dead Sea Scrolls that have been digitized thus far include the Great Isaiah Scroll, the Community Rule Scroll, the Commentary on Habakkuk Scroll, the Temple Scroll, and the War Scroll, with search queries on sending users directly to the online scrolls. All five scrolls can be magnified so that users may examine texts in exacting detail. Details invisible to the naked eye are made visible through ultra-high resolution digital photography by photographer Ardon Bar-Hama– at 1,200 mega pixels each, these images are almost two hundred times higher in resolution than those produced by a standard camera. 

Other Dead Sea Scrolls Link


The other Dead Sea Scrolls can be found here. It is not  digitized but phtoo of the Great Qumran Yeshayahu (sn- Isaiah) Scroll. Users can click the title link to directly to the online scrolls page. 

World History Atlas & Timelines since 3000 BC


GeaCron is a complementary tool for the study of history and of the information contained in the documentary sources, historiography, or encyclopedias. The history is subject to multiple interpretations and therefore we are open to the collaboration of all those lovers of world history who wish to provide their knowledge, to suggest some sort of modification or any other kind of contribution.