Dear of you, hear me as how I'm delivering you this words of the good news. For those who may already know or don't know about this good news. We need to be remind and to understand why the world we're living in now is truly a darkness world. Where we see violence, terrorist, lust of flesh, witchcraft and also seeing more nature disaster like earthquake, volcano, flood, forest fire or even title wave. All these are happening because of how we're turning away from our Almighty Father. The Creator ONE who made the heaven and earth. We need to turn away from that darkness of life and death to the bright light of the life. The good news is, all of this troubling will soon be away for good. Where there will be no more sin upon our life on earth. YAHUAH, our Master of heavens who made us and everything. YAHUAH is HIS true name and HE will return soon. Even if it a 100 year soon. The scriptural book of Matthew 28:19 or Mark 13:10 tell us the roll of how addressing this GOOD NEWS. Is to seek first about this new kingdom of Almighty ONE who will rule our world forever and ever as King of kings. Nothing like any kingdoms in the past have done this. New Kingdom will come here on earth in the last day.


Brothers and sisters, hear how I'm sharing these words here. If we doing the good works, follow and believe in YAH's teaching, we would truly be HIS people. HE is our high priest, Almighty Master, Father and our Creator ONE who except us to live by HIS way. If we go after our own heart beside what YAH desire for us to do what is right. Disbelief of HIS commands, teaching and follow the man's way and their laws, we would not be of HIS people. We would end up believing in the Satanic way of sin. The big dragon Satan who is the fallen arch-angel have brought this sin of death. Sin which lead to death forever which no one desire to have.


It is time for us to wake up and see what going on surroundings us. It's time for us to see why this Scriptural books, the Bible haven't disappear ever since the ancient. It seem like it want us to read it. Even if these books appear to be damage. It time for us to repent to do what is good and right opposed to what is not. The words of YAH is wonderful and good. He want us to stay on track with HIM. He will shield us against Satan's evil spirit works who trying to destroy us. After waking up from our own death by YAH's command, we don't want to face this eternal judgment death.

So brothers and sisters hear me, please repent by turning away from what everyone else is doing upon this world. It's a darkness of what people are all doing. Just like how people once were just eating, drinking, married wives and being given in marriage up to the day of Noah's day. We don't wanna end up like how the Eight people entered the ark were only save from this great flood. This global flood had destroyed them all. Same for what happen in Sodom and Gomorrah, fire fall from the sky destroyed them all. In the last day, it will be flood of fire.