Dear Relatives and friends

You may have discovered and learned that I have a website called Word 2 Believe. An online site where I share about my beliefs. You saw a list of a topic name for an article to read. The first thing may have caught your attention is “Dear Relatives and friends” the top of the list. You click it to find out whether you are curious to find out why I have written a document letter for relatives and friends on site to read it? I wrote this letter because we are related or a friends from previous school or a coworker. I wrote this letter for you to read it before you plan on exploring the rest of this site or not for the first time. Because I want to make sure everyone understand why I have a website on Biblical stuff. Before you read on the rest of this document letter, I must warn you. My writing and English skill is poor. I have unsuccessful able to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree level. Because I have failed to be able pass literature art in college twice. Associate of Occupational Studies (A.O.S.) degree is the farthest degree I have earn. So, bear with me how you read my letter here and other documents article on site.


You may wonder what fundamental beliefs do I believe in, or did I change my beliefs or not? Whether you think I may be against you or not? Maybe you think I have gone crazy or am I lost? I want to ensure you dear relatives and friends that I am not against you, or have I gone crazy nor am I lost where I am now. You may be someone who know me well enough or a little. You may be someone who know about my background history or not. Yet, you wonder what is up with me about this website and where am I going about this? You may also wonder what is my purpose of this website?


The reason I have this website is to share and spread the biblical shocking discovery truth. It all started back in 2006 after I have read the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation deeply than ever before. After three year of Bible research, I start building a website because I had to warn people what lied we were taught in the American education system. Not only the Bible school but every subject we have learned in the public schools. There was many disturbing information I have found out what we don’t know and how blindly we were being used or how we have been lied to for many generation ago. How the generation after generation change the way we believe and live under the ruler of law. Why we end up having war one another as well.


So, my purpose of this website is to warn people what lied or false teaching were we being taught. To clarify people what the Bible actual teach us because there are many misunderstanding error doctrine we have been taught for many generation. It got us all in the wrong past or being lost. How many of us end up giving up the Bible and live on our own way because of all the confusion had cause us disbelief. All this is the reason why I have finally woken up from my old past live of wrongdoing, made me become a better person. Who I want to be rightness with YAH (God). Because I now understand why so many nations around the world including our nation are in a corruption road all the time? Realizing that we the people have been not living right with YAH since we were born in our generation. Because we have broken many of YAH’s law. We have disobeyed and ignored HIS law even we think we are not. Because of how we were being taught unclear or improper from our past false teachers or preachers that was carry on since ancient. We have been brainwashed for many century. Yes, this is so true and that is why I have made this website to have people to be aware of the false doctrine we have been lied all long. 

Dear relatives and friends, think about how Satan lied to Adam’s wife by twisting the truth into a tricked mind about the forbidden fruit trees according to the Bible Genesis. When Satan told her that she won’t die if she eats the forbidden fruit. Satan also twist her about the wisdom of good and evil that she can become like YAH (Genesis 3:4–5). Would you think Satan would still be doing that to us with the Biblical doctrine? I do very much, and here why. Both Adam and his wife became a salve to Satan as their new earth master to follow. Since they chose to believe Satan’s words after they both ate the forbidden fruit. Now we have two master to choose, YAH or Satan? We cannot have two master at the same time (Matthew 6:24). We still today must make our own decision choice, which ever-side should we serve? Serve Satan or YAH as our master on earth? I recognize that many of us (people) living under man world instead of YAH’s way of life. Meaning, we are allowing Satan to rule our live on earth. Even if we don’t think so that how blindly we are to think and how we think we live good but isn’t. 


We have been living under man’s law instead of YAH’s law. While there are number of conflict between man and YAH’s laws. This is how I realize how bad many of nations around the world still in the path of corruption all the time. Why we always end up having war against one another. This is because we have disrespect and disobeyed YAH’s way of life. This is because we have broken HIS law and that explains a lot why we always end up dealing with wrath of trouble and even death upon on ourselves. Such as hurricane, tornadoes, earthquake, or flood.


I want to give you an opportunity to observe all those resource information here on this website like a second chance. For your life’s sake on this darkness time on earth that is already headedness towards to the destruction before it too late. Just as I repent my life back in 2006 for living the wrongful way of life. Because I believe and want to live by YAH’s way of life. A life of YAH’s way someday on earth will no longer rule by SIN.


So, relatives and friends, I encourage you observe this website and see why I am a change man since 2006 and why do I strongly believe we should NOT fall into any of those difference fundamental beliefs (different religion) such as domination Catholic, Seventh-Day Adventists, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, Muslim and many more domination so-called church on earth. Why we also need to watch out ourselves NOT to get involve or infusing with our nation politics, strange cultural, and tradition that isn’t taught from the Bible the right way.


Thank you for your time reading this whole latter and I believe you are blessed for doing that. Because YAH had guides me this far to lead you to HIM and you will do the same someday for other as well.



Philip Pouliot