Scientists today have an argument about the defining word for evolution or the name of science that differs from their own theory or belief. This had caused huge confusion in the world. Many of us may do not realize or know what does the word “evolution” or ‘science” really means to us? Those who claimed to be a scientist in our modern-day world don’t believe evolution has anything to do with the Bible. While other scientists do believe evolution does have something to do with the Bible. In this article, you as the reader will discover here why a scientist today has failed to perform the correct way to perform the observing, to follow or practice the principal laws.

What is Sci-ence?


It is obvious in my understanding that most of us unable to explain the clear meaning of science. In our modern-day, people generally often describe science as the person who doses such experiments, and technology research work in biology, physics, and chemistry filed. Isn't that clear enough for us or students to understand this meaning? According to various of the dictionary books, it often defines differently from what general people say. "Science is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment."


If we dig deeper into the history of the old language for science, we will discover a Latin word for science is "Scientia," which means “knowledge”. I find this very interesting and simple one-word defining it all. This is where I have a better understanding of what does science really means to me, “knowledge” is NOT just a method of performing to observe. knowledge is the information, fast, awareness, details, logic, wisdom, define words or objects of thing which a person wants or study to understanding from it. Yet, for another meaning, it can also mean those who have knowledge have such wisdom or skills acquired by experience or education; practical understanding of a subject.


Scientists should also consider calling observant as well. Whether they wear a white lab coat or geographer hat or not, we are concerted for ourselves, people's health and of course the natural phenomena where we come from and how to live well. Scientists as observant must deal with the Bible. If they do not, they are not good scientists who only relying on the theory instead of truth.



Conflict in the scientific education world? 


In the science education world, we find a mix of information that adheres often differ in the same field of topics? This is because we are dealing with scientists who deal with the Bible and others do not. They have based on belief or theory they believe in. One group believes in the book of Bereshith (Genesis) about creation, while the other scientist believes in the big bang theory. The scientist who believes in the creation of Bereshith teaching; believe it importation to knowledge the law of YAHUAH who created heaven and earth. Other scientists who ignore the printable law which teaches in the Bible will fail to have a better or correct understanding of knowledge. He or she will improperly follow the scientific (knowledge) principle of life. When scientist ignores or breaks the manuscript (Bible) teaching while they are making their own way and the law will be destroyed.



Meanings of Evolution? 


Many people had been involved in an argument with other people who teaches different about evolution which apart from creation. It appears that most people would likely believe the human evolution theory which possibility we came from the monkey or fish species. While others oppose this so-called evolution theory because they believe YAHUAH (God) as the Creator created the first man directly out from the dust.


When someone tries to sneak in the evolution theory as part of scientific facts, the word evolution has six different and unrelated meanings or stages. One definition is a scientific fact, but the other five are not. The Latin word for science, it is "Scientia," meaning knowledge. The simple definition of science is knowledge, to attain through study, practice or collect information and even perform tests through the scientific method to get results. To have a better understanding of our physical nurture the world. Therein lies the problem.



Here the Six Meanings of Evolution: 


1.  Cosmic evolution: the origin of time, space, and matter from nothing in the “big bang”.


2.  Chemical evolution: all elements “evolved” from hydrogen.


3.  Stellar evolution: stars and planets formed from gas clouds.


4.  Organic evolution: life begins from the inanimate matter.


5.  Macro-evolution: animals and plants change from one type into another.


6.  Micro-evolution: variations form within the “kind”. Only the last one, micro-evolution,

      has anything to do with real science.



For all of human history, we have observed variations within the kinds, such as over 400 varieties of dogs coming from a dog-like ancestor such as a fox or a wolf. Dogs produce dogs and corn produces corn. There may be great variations within the basic kind, but that is NOT evidence that dogs and corn are related! Every farmer on planet earth counts on micro-evolution happening as he develops crops or herds best suited for his area, but he also counts on macro-evolution NOT happening. Anything other than minor changes within the kind is not part of science. Evolution, as defined as macro-evolution, is a religion in every sense of the word. People are welcome to BELIEVE the first five types of evolution, but they are not part of a science or common sense.



Is there conflict word in the Scriptural Book (Bible)?


Some people believe the Bible has error too, it is true those who say. However, the kind of error we must be careful about. There is some error in the scriptural book (Bible), because of how we (men) has translated it in vain. Some translators didn't realize they were translating the word that was already wrong, while other translators had done it on purpose to lead people away from the truth. Since there are so many kinds of Bible versions today, they have NO right, to have the authority to change, remove or add what already written according to Deuteronomy 4:2, Deuteronomy 12:32, Proverbs 30:5-6, 1st Corinthians 4:6 and even Revelation 22:18-19.



Here one example of an error in the scriptural book - James 1:26-27 (KJV): 


If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain. Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. 


Now let look into another version of the Bible, The Besorah of YahuSha (Bible) in THE MESSIANIC WRITINGS book of Ya’aqob (James) 1:26-27. 


If anyone among you thinks he is observant and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this one’s observance is worthless. Clean and undefiled observance before the Elohim and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself unstained from the world.


Notice the difference what the book of James 1:26-27 written, why is this word observance or observant appear instead of religious or religion? The reason is, some translators didn't realize they were translating the word that was already wrong, while other translators had done it on purpose to lead people the wrong path or idea of life. Observance and religious are totally different words and meanings. From any dictionary, Wikipedia or encyclopedia book or online that defines its religion or religious, most describe it like an organized collection of beliefs, a cultural system, and worldviews where a person or group who have gone or believe in. Relate humanity to their supernatural, and/or to spirituality how they follow or believe in their fundamental belief of god or gods. Strangely, the word "religion" somehow translates into the Latin word "religio" to define it differently, religious meaning influenced by the verb "Religare" to bind, in the sense of "place an obligation on" (World Book Dictionary). This kind of definition in the Latin way has complied with different meanings than what the above defines it?


Encourage watch Kent Hovind's video called Creation VS. Evolution also. His message can help us a little better understand about this article topic as well: or here with CC ready nor watch full seminar about Creation video with CC ready as well: .





The conclusion of this article documentary, we should have a better understanding of why there had been a confession between creation and evolution study. Seeing why religious never exist long ago, before the paganism had changed it. How the translator had in vain broke and/or ignore the principle role of observing the law (or not properly follow the scientific principle). To help believers who do study the scriptural book also understand why religion is a pagan word. The same for the so-called Christian, Christmas, Easter or Jesus which the words that are also not found in the ancient holy manuscripts written by the apostles and prophets. 


Bad translators made a huge confession in the education world. Giving people the wrong information little by little over a generation by generations that isn't true, or the way of the good life. To understand why in the world did the word "observant" seem to be the correct word for James 1:26-27, instead of religion when it defines a person who should be an observer of the laws. A kind of belief that observes the laws which teach people the way of life to know what is right from wrong and how the words in the scriptural book can help us better understand the natural phenomena where we come from as well. This whole documentary message is a message to clarify each of us better understand in the study between creation and evolution. 


There is an importation message in the book of the holy scripture for scientists to propose in learning or research. According to 1st Chronicles 22:13 or Joshua 1:7-9, it's explained that we're careful to observe the law of nature, we live by the law on earth so that we may live well whatever we go or do. This is the whole reasons why a scientist should follow the principle of the laws which began in the book of Bereshith (Genesis), to be able to observe their work and learn correctly will success in the scientific research and live well.