Creator's Calendar System & YAH's Appointed Time Date:

The photograph on the left (or below) is an ideal example of how we can track the Creator's calendar system (360 days calendar system). Markdown with the symbol of the moon and seventh day. Different from how the modern-day pagan Roman-Gregorian calendar system we follow today. This Creator's Calendar System comes along with the date chart to track with this 360-day system, because of how the sun and moon both cycle around the earth differently. FYI, the earth does NOT move or cycle around the sun or anywhere at all, according to Zechariah 1:11, 1st Chronicles 16:30, Psalm 93:1; 96:10 and 104:5.  Earth stays still, meaning the sun, moon, and stars are the object that had been moving around the earth. 

The other photograph below is the YAH's Appointed Time Date chart. Using the pagan modern-day calendar date in order to track with the Creator’s Calendar System to know when the appointed day will happen.  On the right from it is the PDF document form to download for your copy or print. 

We must follow the Bible instruction which is YAHUAH's creation 360-day time system. We are allowed to labor for 6 days but on the 7th day, Shabbat is the day of rest and a weekly memorial day of YAHUAH.


FYI: Sabbatical New Moon (sliver moon, the first day of the month) only happens during the first month and the seventh month. Tracking the New Moon always falls on a different day of the month. While the weekly Sabbatical time always stays, meaning the 7th weekly day always on Saturday. From dawn to dawn 24-hour day, the weekly seventh-day cycle never changes. 


The year 2020, February month will have 29 days.