Creator's Calendar System & YAH's Appointed Time Date:

The photograph on the left (or below) is the Creator's calendar system (of 360 days) date chart. Different from how we all follow the modern day pagan Roman-Gregorian calendar system. This Creator's Calendar System date chart should be very simple way to track the 360 days, because of how the sun and moon both cycle around the earth. FYI,  the earth does NOT move around the sun or any where at all, according to Zechariah 1:11, 1st Chronicles 16:30, Psalm 93:1; 96:10 and 104:5 explained all this why it true. Earth stay still, while the sun, moon and stars move around the earth. 

The other photograph below is YAH's Appointed Time Date. Using the pagan modern day calendar date in order to track when the day the appointed time will happen.  On the right from it is a PDF document form to download for a better clear copy and print. 


We must follow these things because of how the Bible instructed us by YAHUAH's creation time system. We are to count 7th day of the Shabbat week, from day one of the first appointed month of the no moon/new moon. FYI: Sabbatical New Moon (month) only happen during the first month and 7th month. And every year Sabbatical 7th day of the week does not always fall on Saturday. The year 2020, Shabbat Day will fal on every Tuesday. Used these both photograph for observing appointed time tracking.  


To learn more about this Creator's Calendar System, as how Bro. Pouliot track the 360 days chart, along with YAH's introduction in the Bible, click HERE This will open up the document page. 


Watch a 30 Minute Video of How to Track Appointed Time

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