When you (or anyone) join in the chat room or live broadcast of Bro. Pouliot's online network, you and/or anyone in the chat room or live broadcast listening or hearing Bro. Pouliot speaking should keep verbal silent in respect. This is one of the most standard common rule on the network when one person is mainly speaking verbally online without anyone interrupt. While people are listening, whether it's live on broadcast or not.


There are few addition rule that are require to understand, you may not know that Bro. Pouliot have this Deafness in both ear, he can not understand very well when a person (or anyone) speaking online. Yet, he can still hear the sound or noticed when someone is trying verbal speak. The addition rule is, he dose not want anyone to interrupt when he is speaking or sharing the record of voice, sound or music.

After what ever Bro. Pouliot have done online is finish, whether he was speaking or sharing something online, he or someone who assist with him will remind those who want to join to verbal say something in the chat room or broadcast; will have their turn to verbal speak.


Once the person had their turn to verbal speak, they must also including in writing. Because that is where Bro. Pouliot will need to be able to read what the speaker are saying. Whether they type first before they speak or not. Whether they have their own (or someone volunteer) helper to type in what the person saying for him. A fair rule for communicate purpose for Bro. Pouliot and those who are also Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

 Special & Addition Rules Apply for 

 Bro. Pouliot & those who are Deaf & Hard of Hearing