September 2018

Conspiracy World

Full of Cover Up


You know the old saying, we learn something new every day until we die. Ever since 2006, I've discovered a major shocking truth behind the lie. Ever since the first day I've found out the most shocking discovery, it had impact me to change the way I live my life big time. The first shocking discovery was about the Shabbat day know as the seventh day of the week according to the Bible. Found out after I've done a heavy investigation that Shabbat day was never consider on Sunday (the first day of the week) but Saturday. Realize now that most people do not know of this false teaching about Sunday as Shabbat is one of the biggest lie of all time.

Not only about the religion beliefs I've found out what seem to be very disturbing, I have also discovery another biggest lie of all time, it about the NASA. According to the America history, I've learned and realized a great deal of historical facts are not always true. There are number of cover up lies that had been hidden the truth from us for year. More and more people are starting having a conspiracy theory about NASA. How the NASA had done the biggest foolish thing on the media back in 1969 of July 20, by tricking million of people viewing on the live television to think it a real thing that happened. First man walked on moon? I wasn't born to witness this live on television but did witness on a old copy recorded video. After I've seen this video, so sure it seem so fishy. How it look fake to me. 


When I was young, I thought what we have been learning in school turn out to be not all true. Other than about the first man walked on the moon, school also tell lie about the Columbus’ first discovery of America. This is also another biggest lie of all time too. Columbus only sets his foot on some Islands south from America and there were other explorer who discovered America before him. Like the Viking, Portuguese or even Spain. What about Thomas Edison who I was taught that he was the first who invented the electric light bulb turn out he did not. He was just a guy who was smart enough to find a real inventors and steal their ideas before they could take the credit. Warren de la Rue, a British astronomer and chemist was the man who invest the first light bulb forty years earlier. Here another smart guy who stole the first automobile innovations, his name is Henry Ford. Yeap, it true because there is a German engineers like Karl Benz or French engineer Emile Levassor who actually invest the first automobile before Ford did. What about this mystery Battle of the Alamo who many of us thought this war was fought to keep America freedom turn out to be false history? The real constant reminders of this “Remember the Alamo” was to fight against the free slavery, and General Santa Anna holed up in the Alamo in San Antonio to stop that free slavery… 250 American soldiers died that day. Pretty sad uh? That one of a real shocker to the American who didn't know. How the leaders have hidden this truth cover up from us. 


Here another worse biggest lie of all time that most people can't resist the truth. It's about the Thanksgiving and Christmas so-called holiday. Most people will have a hard time believing these two holiday are fake, made up. A pagan holiday which was a copycat from the Passover, Festival of Unleavened Bread and Festival of Tabernacles appointed time holiday. While most of us never heard of this and think this is just for the Jewish people but no. I asked myself why are American leaders or teachers teaching these lies for years and why hadn't not many of us investigate it? While we know we can't hid the truth, because the truth will always come out eventually. I realized most of us including the teachers did not know what we have been teaching students were not all true. At the same time, other who knew are part of it deceit holds the key to money, fame, revenge or power, and these prove all too tempting. In history, this has often resulted in elaborate hoaxes, perjuries, and forgeries that had enormous ripple effects. 


Ever since I have fallen in for the Biblical teaching, I realized why this Bible is the only way we can open our eyes to the truth. How this books lead me and help me find the historical truth as well. This is where and how I now see why Satan had done this cover up lies. By controlling and blinding our eyes from the truth. Leading us away from our Creator ONE teaching and everything else as well. Believe me, we are under Satanic falling world of how the government are at work to control us. Ever since the Tower of Babel in Nimrod's day, people that time had all spoken only one language and there were number of rebellion people who turn against the Almighty ONE, our Creator of heaven and earth had live by their own way of life. Those who turn against HIM end up being cause to be confuse one another by another spoken languages according to Genesis chapter 11. They could not possibly work together anymore to continue building the tower to reach HIS kingdom of heavens. Their life got into a mess and end up migrating away from the Babel city to the east. Satan have cause the people to be foolish themselves to make even with the Almighty ONE or to be better then HIM. The same as how Satan had cause us to be foolish to believe in about the lies we thought was true. 


Not only how the Almighty Father had confused the people who have tried reach the kingdom of heavens on the top of the tower, HE knew they won't be able survive any higher. The same reason why a person who climb up the highest mountain, will have a hard time to breathe and can die by this tin air or none. No wonder why there no air beyond the earth's atmosphere. No living creature could survive there. This also explain why no living earthly being could live above the earth's atmosphere to space. Same reason why no people who are born with sin can't enter in heaven where the kingdom of heavens is. This is one of the reason why I believe NASA had been lying to us about the vacuum of space galaxy where astronaut have flew, land and walked on moon. Since it's impossible for them to do that. They can NOT enter beyond the earth's atmosphere to space as the heavens, because they will end up die. Most of all, it's impossible for anything or astronaut to be able break through the Van Allen radiation belt. This is where and why I believe earth have this kind of shield of doom, which explain part of why we can't breath there and even get burn. We can not access to the next level of heavens. 


No wonder why the fallen angels who have rebelled against the Almighty ONE, were cast down to earth. It is because of their sinful nature, no sin are allow in kingdom of heavens according to John 3:13, John 14:6, 2nd Peter 2:4 or Isaiah 14:12-15. 

NASA and SpaceX.jpg

People in the NASA company had been trying to hid the truth from us. SpaceX now seem to be doing this as well. They aren't that smart enough to fool us or how foolish they may laid thing around to be notice something fishy. Let talk about the astronauts in this first film on the moon. Where they claimed they have walked on the moon. There are number of problems with this film they made.

kHere are some of other example why NASA is a FOOL:

#1. If we speed up this film of the astronauts who were walking or leaping on the moon’s surface, it will look like they were filmed on the Earth's gravity. YEAP!


#2. What about this odd number of shaded on the moon that dose not make any sense. There should be one? Numeral of films in different spot, somehow there are different side of objects that should only show one shadow of deep dark and sharp contrast done by one sun light. it appear to look like it was done by three pointing light studio work on stage and the shadows were on different angle too???


#3. What about how an astronaut put up the American flag which is holding on it pole stake on the moon. It waves like it shouldn't be while it appear like there were air or wind on the moon? we were taught from scienants that there is no air in space and on our moon?


#4. did you ever noticed there is no blast mark visible on the moon landing module?


One last thing, if anyone ever mention to me about the International Space Station (ISS), where the astronauts in there and can be seen in the night sky, don't even bother bring that up because I know it is NOT the real thing but a fake. This so-called ISS up there is simply as big and empty silver balloon satellite which can be visible from the earth's surface flying above us. Similar idea how the 1947 first so-called Roswell area 51 weather balloon were created and claimed it was build for a test of the weather turn out actually an object of ISS to cover up like the so-called UFO ship, and the green aliens whom have crash there. The conclusion here is that, some of you as reader may know who am I and what do I believe in know that I deal with the Bible strongly. Have a great deal of reason why I believe in HIM, YAHUAH because HE is the TRUTH and the WAY of LIFE (John 14:6). As why I believe the scriptural books is our manual of life to understand. We don't want to be lead astray from the false.



The conclusion here is that, some of you as reader may know who am I and what do I believe in know that I deal with the Bible strongly. Have a great deal of reason why I believe in HIM, YAHUAH because HE is the TRUTH and the WAY of LIFE (John 14:6). As why I believe the scriptural books is our manual of life to understand. We don't want to be lead astray from the false.


“All Scripture is breathed by the Creator and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for setting straight, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of the Creator (of the heaven and earth) might be fitted, equipped for every good work “ - 2nd Timothy 3:16-17



No wonder why the world is crumpled by this mixture of true and false that had been ruining our life. The conspiracy world is full of darkness cover up lie.

If you believe me after you have done your homework research,

go and share the truth to the world about it.