Hi, thank you for visiting at my personal website Word 2 Believe, where viewer like you may be curious or wondering "what's his deal here"? You're looking at this website where I share some of my testimonies change of life from how I was led to the light from the dark side. Along with different sources of information on documents, videos and some of useful sites link. 

My testimony stared back in 2006, before creating the first website in 2009 with a different domain name. The first stocking discovery happened in 2006. It was mostly about the SABBATH, the 4th commandment of the 10th. I was confused at first with which day is Sabbath, Sunday or Saturday. When I have discovered in the Bible which explain some group believe Sabbath is on Sunday, while other believe it on Saturday. It turns out after heavy researched, that Saturday is more likely on the seventh day 

Sabbath.  After the first discovery, I've discovered more stocking truth that are quite different from how my childhood teachers and parent had taught me about God and Jesus or the laws. This is why I've first created a website back in 2009, to share and spread about this shocking truth. So that we will know the whole truth that had been lying or hiding to us for century. To wake up and know the truth better and clearly why many so-called churches had been preaching different about it. The domain name was change over time twice. I end up came up with a better domain name Word 2 Believe in 2013. The domain name saying like "word to believe”. So again, the main purpose of this site is that I want to share, warn and ensure people the truth about what the scriptural books really teach opposite to how men alone make their own law and teaching system.

Allow me to introduce myself before I go on more about myself here, I am a Deaf man who lives in the Commonwealth state of Massachusetts, where I was born and raised. I'm the elder son of my late father, Robert L. Pouliot of his three children. I've attended and graduate in the Deaf private school while mainstream in the public school. I've also graduated at collage at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) in Rochester, New York. Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) in Art & Computer Design. I went to these school because I am Deaf in both ear. Most people do not realize that I am, just because I can communicate and hear like hearing people do.  

During my childhood time, I used to attend to the Deaf Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) class, which association with the Catholic church. I know just enough to know about the Catholic's doctrine and their way. Most of my relative are in those kind of beliefs. While growing up, I was never in for Catholicism culture life or a serious believer of the Bible in those day until 2006 shocking discovery. Not long after my first shocking discovery, I once joined in the Seventh Day Adventist and became a member for almost 3 years. After I got out of there, I continue to seek and learned more about the truth in the scriptural books. While also visiting other denomination Churches who carry their own fundamental beliefs. Such as Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, Muslim, and some other denomination. Not until one day, I realized none of any denomination or organization's church who have their own fundamental belief would consider to be the true Natsarene people. True follower of the Messiah of YAH.  

I found out the correct and appropriate name for the true follower of Jesus, the Messiah (Messiah’s correct name is YahuSha) is Natsarene (Nazarene). Natsarim sell out for multiple believers. Because this word “Natsarim” are called the branches followers of YahuSha (YahuSha as vine explain in John 15:5). It also mean watchman, watchman who observe, follow, and guard the law of YAH (God's words in the teaching book called Torah). This is why Natsarene is the true observant of YAH's people. Who respectful observes and follows the example which description explain in the book of James 1:26-27 teaches? They are also known as the sect of the Nazarenes which spell out incorrect by the pagan's language. Again, the correct name is Natsarene. The same reason why and where YahuSha was born and raised in a town called Natsareth. The root word "natsar", means to watch -- this is because the area around the burg Natsareth was named for it, hence the word "Gennetsaret" (vale of Netsar) -- referring to the whole district. This root word used points to the fact that the town was situated on high ground and provided a panoramic view of the surroundings.

I may not be found truly as one of the Natsarim people because of how the book of Numbers chapter 6, verse 3 describe: "And YAHUAH spoke to Mosheh, say “Speak to the children of Yisra’ĕl (Israel) and say to them, ‘When a man or woman does separate, by making a vow of a Natsarene (Nazirite), to be separate to YAHUAH (God true name), he separates himself from wine and strong drink – he drinks neither vinegar of wine nor vinegar of strong drink, neither does he drink any grape juice, nor eat grapes or raisins". This mean, a true Natsarene must give up everything he or she do in this world. Apart from it and live by YAH's way of life. Be pure separation from everything this world offers our live to the darkness which most people fall in that world. Not only if I want to be like the Natsarim people, I want to be part of Yisra’ĕl. 

I believe most of my heritage came from the late France culture, because both of my grandparent and their parent spoke Canadian French and I believe I may not be the blood lineage of Yisra’ĕl. Found out that I may be the lineage of Japheth's family, one of Noah's three sons. I've discovered my surname last name POULIOT is an occupational name for a poultry farmer. Which was originally derived from the old French word “poulet”, meaning chicken. Searching my heritage past ancestor’s name help me look beyond the lineage of people whom I fit in from. Ancient France came from the Latin Francia family, which literally means the "land of the Franks”. The history of Francia which I have dig deep to find out who and where did they come from lead me to the possible Japheth's family. FYI, the tribe of Yisra’ĕl's lineage is from Shem, not Ham or Japheth.

The bottom line here is, I've learned so much about YAH, our Creator ONE and HIS people who can also be called as Yisra’ĕl people, even if some aren't the blood lineage of Shem. This is because they have become the Natsarim people. This is where I want to follow their example who have obey YAH's laws and HIS teaching. I don't want to live in the world where everyone else is doing their own way of life instead of YAH's best way. I know many of us had turn away from YAH's words of this scriptural books many times, had become lost in the dark and confuse. Not fully aware what going on and what are we facing against. As why are we all separated from religious, states or politics? Or why are there so many different fundamental beliefs opposite one another with the same scriptural books and end up having war? Since I want to know what the scriptural books really teach, opposite to how scientists, teachers or parents have taught me differently. This is another reason why I want to share with you all, to understand the only way to solve or found out the correct truth or how to live in a better life. The answer is it all in the scriptural books other than how the world teaches you by men alone. 

We all make a mistake or failed, always end up learned the lesson to get back up, get it right or do better next time. Since we know we are born sinner and we aren't perfect like MessiYAh, our Savior who is sinless. No one is good or better than anyone else. Because all sins weight the same and it all lead to the same penalty death, according to Romans 6:23 and James 2:10. The point here, if we dare and live by the worldly way of man instead of the heavenly way of YAH, we can end up always in the dark world or lead to death. Otherwise, live in the light where there is forever good life. To keep on reading the scriptural books as often we can, so that we will never forget or ignore the law that teach us what is right and wrong. Since the influence of this world is still at Satanic works, we must lead ourselves at best towards YAH. Since Satan had been tempted YAH’s creation people to do the pleasure of wrongdoing. This is why I was once in a darkness and had been living in a depressing dark life and death world. I was in a serious trouble with the law. Until one day, I finally stood up and did something about it. Because I knew our heavenly Father in heaven is real and I worry about the eternal judgement death which I do not wish to end up there. To get out of the darkness pleasure of sin and understand the sake of lacking respect, courtesy, consideration, decency, propriety, honesty, and righteousness I must live by YAH’s way. If I did nothing to do what wrong I did, I would end up serious trouble. I wanted to live in a good and happy life forever.  

Few week later after I stood up to do something about my wrongdoing, I pray heavenly Father to help me to get back on the road. I was also excepting some kind of answer prayer to lead me the way. To become a better and good person. When the answer did not seem to be happing, I decide to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation to find the answer. While I was exploring for the answer to my prayer, I began discovering the shocking truth in the Genesis book. This is where and when my testimony starts leading me the way to fulfill my prayer. 

After the first three year of Bible learning, I can see why our world is full of many different cultural, tradition or language. Because of people differ fundamental beliefs which these people called it religion. How we today living in a confusing world because our education system is clouding us away from YAH’s teaching. It got worse by the 60’s when the United States government force schoolteachers to keep the Bible out of school. Many of us are gaining the way Satanic expect from us to go by man’s politics world that had a lot of conflict law that is against YAH’s laws. Changing the laws all the time and how many of us have different fundamental beliefs, how we seem to be facing against one another can lead us chaos and war. This whole thing I also realized the doctrine from any of those domination church such as Catholicism, Adventists, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, Muslim, or any other fundamental beliefs aren’t the ideal way of YAH. 

That when I became a non-Christian believer or do I get involved in any of the politics man world. Meaning, I am just a simple man who believe what the Bible alone teach. I am a man, a brother who want to follow and believe what the scriptural books actual teaches. Meaning, I got myself into an observant person to be more like the Natsarim believers. I want to become the watchman and the guardian of YAH’s teaching LAWS (Torah). To practices the good duties and love thy neighbor, by caring one another and help one another in a good moral way of life. To ensure one another to stay pure and faultless from the polluted of this world of man who are apart from YAH's way of life. To be the true branch and follower of the vine who created us. 

We need to wake up and realize the moral values in our life and self-discipline is slowly diminishing away from us over time. More and more young generation are gradually disregarding of knowing the correct ethics way of life and end up disrespect their parents and elderly. Soon, there will be no parents or elder to know what is love truly to mean, will have a little to these adolescents, as moral values, and self-discipline, except for those who read and deal with the scriptural books do know how. We have been forgotten where we came from or why are we here on earth? The only thing that remains in this world apart from the darkness is the light. The light that always brings or lead us to the truth. The truth which brings us what is right and good apart from what is wrong and evil. This is why I want to encourage myself and other to observe the correct teaching from the Bible. To become the true observant of that law of YAH other than man's law. We need to come out of (her) the pagan (darkness world) system of man. 

My past is my lesson of wrongdoing and now I know where this true light can lead me to. To be a true observant of our heavenly Father YAH. To be a watchman and the guardian of YAH’s teaching law and the rest of the Bible. I have discovered the biblical truth by comparing what the scriptural books teaching opposite to what the man, pastor, minister, or priest teaches us. To become like the Natsarene, I must ensure one another to stay pure and faultless from polluted of this world of man. I surely hope that I keep up the good work and be a better man than I was in the past for YAH. This is why I have created this website to share, spread and seek for the truth. To deliver the good news and to warn people what we are facing against.



May YAHUAH allow you to clear your mind and heart to see what got me change to be a better serve of YAHUAH. To truly see what I have share with you here today is all true.