September & October 2019

Bad company corrupts good morals

Dear brethren, and sistren


For the past few month while writing this message, I've learned a great deal of lesson about assembly, whether it's a good idea to gather variety of people who deal and believe in the Torah/Besorah (or the Bible) or not. Whether they believe similar but does NOT quite believe at 90 to 100% the same or not. To gather bothers and sisters (or anyone) assembly to worship and/or discuss one another any biblical topics. The same for assembly on the social media network. I've asked this question to myself “is this a good idea”? I had a gut feeling that this is not a good idea to do because of how the scriptural books taught me. I have taken a time to think about this and pray for answer. Because I believe invite or get involved in an assembly where there mix of people who do not have exact same beliefs one another will lead each one another into a corrupt situation. Because I, Bro. Pouliot have already seen it happened.


An idea of having an assembly to gather people, must ALL have same beliefs, often agree and follow the Torah and the Besorah teachings at 90 to 100%. If we invited anyone who claimed strongly believe the teaching of the Torah (and the Besorah), but does not agree at most as 90% to 100%, should NOT part them into the assembly at all. Because I believe it will ruin our moral good faith in serving YAHUAH, our ALAHA and to HIS people. In the book of 2nd John chapter one, have taught me well to understand, if anyone comes to me and does not share or follow the correct teaching of ALAHA way, YAH had commanded his people NOT to invite a person and even greet him or her. Because he or she will likely tempted us by evil deeds of the spirit. This is why YAH do NOT wish for us to invite the evil spirit in the house or the assembly. Anyone who does not teach the way YAH's teach will end up corrupt. This is why 1st Corinthians 15:33 taught me not to be deceived by the evil spirit by welcoming him or her “Bad company corrupts good morals”.


Now, the things about this, I have a strong message for those who truly follow ALL of YAHUAH's instructions law. Who believe NONE of YAH's foundation law has changed, must remind one another why we are to guard HIS LAW and the appointed TIME. Brethren and sistren we have to be-careful how we welcome anyone in our house, the same for any assembly gathering (congregation or Church). Once again, WE have to remind each other about this serious rule, this way we won't be tempted by the evildoing. This way we won't get the wrong teaching and being curse. By welcoming the bad seed into our house or the assembly. Be aware of those who tries defect us or who try gather or invited us into their assembly gathering that aren't ALAHA way.


It's also importation to understand that this dose NOT mean we're to guard outside of the assembly place or our house next to the entry door to test the person before he or she enter or join in the assembly. It means when someone who already socially among us, must respect the rule of the law which everyone agree and believe what YAHUAH teaches. If any person (or a gust) does not respect the rule of the owner's house, he or she must cast out. The same for how we have rule in the assembly gathering as well. If we are unsure about someone who join or enter the assembly, must keep an eye for this person. Because he or she may not be welcome. They may tries offend us or try preach us something different, apart from ALAHA teachings. Since YAHUAH does not want HIS people to be deceived by the false teachings.



Just in case we don't know when we are to cast out the evil doer, let take a look at Matthew 18:15-17:


“Now if your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault while you’re with him alone. If he listens to you, you have won your brother. But if he does not listen, take with you one or two more, so that ‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may stand.’ But if he refuses to listen to them, tell it to Messiah’s community. And if he refuses to listen even to Messiah’s community, let him be to you as a pagan and a tax collector.”


That verse helps me understand how to approach and deal with a person who done what is wrong or is consider a sin. How to assure the person what is wrong into the right way. If he still does NOT listen in any way or ignore us, the person is no longer a true brethren (or sistren) of ALAHA.


It will be sad for us to force him or her to cast out of the house and even from the assembly place. This is why 2nd Thessalonians 3:14 (also Galatians 6:1) taught me that if anyone does not obey YAHUAH's way, we are to take a special note of this person and we're out to NOT associate with this person (or group of people), so that they may be put to shame. Yet, we are told NOT to consider this person (or group of people) our enemy. We are to just warn them with LOVE, that he or she just made themselves an enemy to YAHUAH's teachings.


In the book of 1st Corinthians chapter 5, this passage book explained to me when we're gathered together in the name of our Master YahuSha, ALAHA. With the power of ALAHA, we are told to turn the bad follower(s) over to Satan for their destruction. Because of his or her bad nature. So the bad spirit of this person may be saved in the day of the Master YahuSha return. Now, brethren and sistren, this does not mean we're to throw out the person and then stone him or her to death for deceiving us the evil deeds. We are to cast out the sinner who continues doing evil outside of the house (or the assembly). To let YAH take care of him or her by judgment. Since we are to judge the person who are in the house or the assembly gathering, but not outside. Because he or she may have a second chance to repent. After he or she may realize and learn the lesson why he or she being cast out. What wrong did he or she have done. Otherwise, death come upon to that person by YAHUAH's judgment.


Since YAH in the flesh as YahuSha has already paid the price for our sin of all wrongdoing, we the people have a like second chance to do what is right. He knows we're not made perfect with sin to be able be right by the law all the time. Since we still are making mistakes in life on earth. We are doing our best to do what is right by the law. To respect the teachings, law of YAH. Just as if a parent made the house rule, the child and the visitor (guest) must respect the house rule. The same for YAH's assembly place for HIS people who 100% believe and agree of all teachings of Torah and the Besorah.