Welcome to Word 2 Believe, a personal website created by Bro. Pouliot (Philip Pouliot) where he delivered the scriptural and historical shocking truth online. Fill with many document articles what he had learned for many years he had compared apart from what the paganism preachers teach. This site also comes along with other importation resource information as well. The domain name site Word 2 Believe (which sounds like Word TO Believe) came from the idea book of John, chapter one. The passage verses explained who this WORD is and where did this WORD come from. How does this WORD fit in with GENESIS 1:3-4 "Let light come to be, and light came to be, etc..." as well. The spoken first WORD is the ONE who created everything. So, the question is, what word should we rely on to believe in, YAH’s (YAHUAH’s) word or man preaching words?
Since Satan had caused Adam and his wife to eat that forbidden fruit, we end up dealing with the knowledge of good and evil from that forbidden tree they ate. We the people have been struggling to know what is right or wrong nor what is true and false. Our ancestors’ fathers for many generations had lacked in the teaching of the truth. We all have failed to follow and keep YAH’s commandments law. We all end us became a divided people and nation for a long time now. Today we have a variety of cultures, traditions, and so on the fundamental belief. We end up having a variety of different beliefs which formed into what is now called RELIGION. Each of us has been distrust one another, violated, and disobey the law that was first given to us from heaven to know what is right and wrong. Instead, we created our way of life into law that is apart from the ONE from heaven. Life on earth is now totally different or a mess. Our ancient ancestor's father once did follow HIS commandments and the instruction way of life. Most of us have not acknowledged ourselves following the satanic way, which explains why we fail to follow YAH’s way. 

Since Satan has led us away from obeying the knowledge of a good life that is apart from the wrong satanic way. Lead us to the darkness and judgment of death. We have been ignoring and have forgotten the teaching YAH had instructed Moses long ago. Today, this instruction is still available in our modern books called the Holy Bible. Yet, we must dig deeper to study it harder because we have changed it by language and mess it up overtimes. This is why Bro. Pouliot ought to deliver the words of the truth online since everyone socially communicates online. 

We should always ensure one another (our neighbors); oneself unstained from the worldly way and spread the good news just as how the book of James 1:26-27 and Matthew 28:18-20 teaches us this, we can't afford to ignore or forget about that ancient books. We the people for many generations have been brainwashed from this mixture of truth and lie for years, without knowing why. Unless we move forward to find out why. We must warn everyone before it too late. 
Bro. Pouliot was once brainwashed from the false doctrine of men. The good news is, our Savior who is our Master of masters and King of the kings somehow had delivered him out of darkness trouble. How wonderful and joyful is that? HE had already sacrificed his life to know the truth. This is one of the reasons why Bro. Pouliot ought to deliver the words of the truth online. Since everyone socially online to communicate with one another.
FYI: Word 2 Believe is not the idea cult, sect, sacred names of the movement or any religious name, organization, nor congregation's (church's) website. Not even a deist or atheist. This website host by Bro. Pouliot is just a believer and follower of YAHUAH, the Creator ONE who made heaven and earth. To learn more about Bro. Pouliot and his testimony?
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